T.E. stick stops working after a month


So after waiting till the middle of march for my stick, i only got to use it for about two weeks then put it away because i haven’t had much time. I take my stick out today and it doesn’t work. I’m really pissed man this is unacceptable madcatz is a garbage company who should of went bankrupt a long time ago. This was their time to shine and yet again they’ve failed. i guess i’ll call their helpline to see what i do with this 12lbs paperweight


not to kick you while youre down, but could you give more details?

like buttons dont work? or your system not recognizing it?


the stick is’nt responsive at all, only jab short and fierce work, turbo function also seems to work…im not able to navigate through the menus on my xbox dashboard…im livid…it’s just been in my drawer untouched and now it doesn’t work…im pissed


cool story…

someone follow me up.


Attempt to fix it ASAP and sell it on ebay for $250.


Then, if he can’t fix it, he’s out a warranty and $150!


Nope, broke ones go for $100 on ebay. Only $50 loss… but it serves him right for buying a madcatz product (no offense).


thats a douchy comment?

hows that work for ya


Bah, you’re right. If (IF) I ever get one I’m going to hope it doesn’t break but if it does I may just use it as a well made case and put my own parts in it.

Give it a shot and send it back for a replacement. If that one breaks just customize it! lol


Well i’ll call madcatz tomorrow and see if i can send it in so i can get it back working all scratched up like other srk’ers have mentioned…that’s making me even more livid…


just make pictures of the stick before you send it to madcatz, you should be in contact with madcatz support via email anyway, send them the pics as well and tell them if they arent able to fix your stick without keeping it scratchfree you want a refund. problem solved.
wherever you live, one month is for sure still in waranty.

why? madcatz is known for shitty quality shells but when it comes to pcbs most people here in the forum would recomend madcatz because they are cheap and easy to mod, in this case the pcb failed on him, could have happend with a custom stick as well and the te shell is just the best retail shell since the namco psx in my book.

btw if you really want to get rid of your broken te for 100$, tell me :smiley:


I don’t think you need to worry. MC customer service WILL take care of this as long as you haven’t been inside the stick with a soldering iron.

I feel you tho, I “locked” my stick the other day and tried to turn the 360 on with the X button later… I was was mad as hell until I figured out I was just a moron.





This sounds like the same thing that happended to my PS3 T.E. I think your PCB burned out. Make sure to try it out on a PC, since the customer service rep. will ask you that. I just called up their service line, explained what happened and the same day they e-mailed me all the data I needed plus the shipping label. You can use any box so you don’t have to send them your T.E. box.

Total ship time on the same coast (service center is in California) took about 3 weeks from there and back repaired. Report back tomorrow about what happened.


This is kind of scary. I haven’t used my T.E. in a few weeks due to traveling reasons and other things that have occupied my time and I wouldn’t like to find out that the stick can stop working even if it isn’t used. Maybe I should try it out everyday until the warranty expires to make sure I don’t loose the opportunity to get it fixed if needed.

How does a PCB burn out? Is it just because the PCB was faulty to start with?


Other than intentionally burning it out, it’s just being a faulty PCB. I’m sure it was just a problem with the manufacturing run and some of the PCBs were faulty. It happens within all electronics, I just think because of all the other problems with the MadCatz sticks people are freaking out a little more.


Which is where QC comes in, and obviously MadCatz has none


Open it up through the top (that won’t void your warranty, as there’s no way to know if it’s been opened from the top) and make sure all the wires are connected properly.


Hard to dedicate time to QC when people are threatening to burn down your headquarters because they didn’t get their controller, because they preordered too late.


WTF is with a 90 day warranty, leads me to believe these are garbage if even Mad Catz doesn’t want to support these.