T.E. Template help plz

hi im new to this site so im sorry if im posting this in the wrong place on the site…

anyway i was hoping if someone could please make me a tournament edition arcade stick template i have a perfect idea of what i want.

also note these images dont belong to me and im not trying to take ownership, i found them on google.

ok so what i was hoping was that you (who ever would be so kind to help me, plz an thx) could change out that cammy pic for that rufus pic and change that green backround to yellow. it would be most appreciated

two things.

  1. you might have better luck posting in the “Image Mishmash” section. that is where the awesome artist and jazz are :slight_smile:

  2. WHAT!!! YOU ARE CHANGING OUT CAMMY FOR THAT BLOB?! CMON MAN cammy is the hottest char in the game :frowning:

come on everyone know sakura is sexy cuz i mean who doesnt love a sexy school girl, then followed by chun li who has the sexy legs ever an cammy i aint gonna lie she has a amazing @$$ but for where im suppose to post thx


dude i can understand if you are replacing it for a hotter girl or even a cool looking guy… but … rufus …:confused:

lol anyways good luck!

well the real reason is cuz rufus is my 2nd main char, im really nice with him chun li my numb 1 and sakura was gonna be my main when game came out but they made her way to weak to use, ex: she can do a 11 hit combo with her ultra in that an it would only do like 25% damage an her ultra alone is weak to. but i think she is the sexiest girl in the game. if i were ryu i would def be hittin that.