T.Frc link to SA1

Ok, yes, I seen KYSG do this shit, and I know alot of the shit he (or his stick) does is impossible by humans…

He combos in SA1 after a T.Frc. I know the only way you can throw/grab someone in hit stun is when there in a “turn around” state; and it appears that Alex’s T.Frc does put you in the state. How does he do this.

I figure if you pull the Hyper Bomb off the frame after the T.Frc, you would land it, but it doesn’t work.

I even did it on a Crouching Hugo with “1 from stun” and Stun him with the T.Frc and pull it off the first frame out of the T.Frc and it still doesn’t work. Whats up?

wtf is a T.Frc?

:r: :hp:

In the ky vid Ibuki does her cmd dash right before I ono but that may have something to do with it.

nothing special its just turn around state. u do towards and fierce on wake up as they rise and since its a high move done on the wake up frame they get up they r forced to stand to block it. so if they see u doing it they might think it’ll whiff if they duck and sweep. so now u have towards and fierce hitting someone ducking. shouldnt that give u alot more time to buffer into sa1 while there back is turned from getting hit by it while they crouched?

yea towards and fierce into sa1 i did before, its nice in a corner since the person if they roll will probably still be in reach for it as they get up.

Ok, Ill keep on trying

i did t.frc then link into boomerang raid

The same, both have a 3 frame start up