T. Hawk 5K Club

Post pics for entry :party:


I’m sure some of you guys in here are well over 10K by now :karate: , but hey, I haven’t had as much time to play the game lately, and well, I think at least 5K shows you’re committed, and don’t just secretly switch to top tier for easy wins :nono:!

If you have to judge skill by online go with PP. BP just shows how much you play, atleast PP somewhat indicates what skill you’re at. 4kpp+ or something perhaps?

That’s a Virtua Fighter move!!

It’s not about the skill bro, we all know online is by and large one giant fraud lol, it’s about sticking with a character you like, even when the going gets tough :slight_smile:

Ehh, I never really take either into consideration too much, a good <Insert character here> could have low PP because he likes to play around with characters he isn’t as good with and, as you said, BP is just grinding.

Haha VF. Been too long since i played that one. Best fighting game imo. And ofc rankings suck either way. But atleast with PP you know the guy has won some matches, be it with another character or Hawk. I’m a Vega mainer myself but slowly easing into Hawk, so none of my PP is from playing Hawk. Absolutely despise ranked. Thinking of making him my main though if i can get into the grappler mindset. Hard to adjust.

Hehe, well post a pic when you hit over 5000BP with him then my man, while I keep the margaritas on ice, cheers! :slight_smile:

I don’t have a pic because I have no camera, but my T. Hawk is 8218 BP. If you’d like to see for yourself and are on the East Coast then we can play. K-nami on PSN