T Hawk advice?



Hey guys, I’m slowly building my matchup knowledge and I’m stuck on this one. There isn’t much footage (other than xsk samurai getting rekt by KOG) and since ultra, thawk is insane… Any tips ?

Chikara no Hadou: Evil Ryu Strategies & Match-up Thread

abuse c.mk, Hawk’s c.MK is good but your range is better and the risk is small. If he cancels a blocked c.mk into DP + LK from the distance it will whiff and you can punish. LK Axe Kick punishes the regular Condor Dive on block. U1 punishes the regular and the EX ones. U2 needs to be done preceded by a kara LK Axe Kick and can miss the Ex Dive anyway.

C. MK XX hadoken all day, its gonna be a battle of c.MKs, he can do s.HK sometimes but it whiffs against Evil Ryu when hes crouching. S.MK makes Hawk’s c.MK to whiff.


LOL T.hawk is rough. I can’t give you specific matchup info really.

  1. T.Hawk goes in with his wave dash (Condor spire)
  2. He could st.roundhouse to trade with your buttons and EX through fireballs and beat your normals.
  3. You could kind of low forward but Condor spire beats/trades with it.
  4. Your fireball game either has to be perfect or you have to make him kill himself.

I know there’s a range where it’s hard for him to advance without EX meter. Around low forward range Thawks like to neutral jump because if you throw a fire ball or normal, he dives. If you space it and throw the fireball as he’s coming down where he can’t go over the fireball, I think that would be the range he finds it difficult at (I think). Otherwise the only thing that comes to mind is pray lol.


thanks for the advice guys. I’m really struggling with this matchup, people give it 5-5 or 6-4 but i’d say its more like 8-2 for thawk because he can punish almost everything I throw at him :frowning:



In Ultra, T-Hawk has become over powered with the Condor Spire buff. It’s too fast, with an OS into command throw on whiff. As Evil Ryu, the strategy I employ (with some success) is to properly zone T-Hawk out of his comfort range. There are four parts to this zoning strategy.

1.) Spacing
2.) Reacting
3.) Poking
4.) Preventing

To space, you’re going to have to be at an uncomfortable range for Evil Ryu. Thankfully, this range is just as uncomfortable for Hawk. Place yourself so that any jump can be punished with a m. shoryuken, s.lk, or s.hk – At the very end of c.mk.

Then react, every jump must be punished. Or, on landing, Hawk is going to command throw you into oblivion. Eventually, Hawk will resort to Condor Spires on the ground. If you’ve committed to the proper spacing, the Spire’s can be fully punished with h.shoryken. Be careful, no EX-Condor Spire can be punished.

Poking is dangerous, avoid any pattern. Against Hawk, I avoid c.mk, since Condor Spire goes over and punishes. Instead, I use c.mp at a range that will not connect, fishing for a counter hit. Then follow up with c.mk into bread and butter combos. At this same range, instead of c.mp I toss a fireball occasionally to throw off the opponent.

T-Hawk loves to wake up and do anything, again use c.mp at counter-hit range. This will snuff Condor Spire, and provide an opportunity for big damage. In time, your opponent will learn to EX-Buster. But that can be punished :slight_smile:


Great advice, exactly what I was looking for. I’ll get some proper training today.


  1. How do you deal with condor dives? I haven’t tested it yet, but apparently a blocked dive can be punished with tatsu?
  2. when thawk just walks towards you, do you still use st.mp ( i use it a LOT, love the range on that move) or something else? What about when hes dashing in ? Should I just DP?



Condor Dives are handled the same as a regular jump. Since Hawk will always be in DP range, any jump or Condor Dive is punishable. React with m.DP for the optimal safety.

When Hawk walks forward I still use c.mp, or backdash to regain my spacing. You could also use st.mk. However, st.mp (which you mentioned) is dangerous; Hawk’s sweep will beat it, putting you into a mix-up.


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While st.mk works, I tend to use st.mp much more often as I like canceling st.mp into hadouken for that extra bit of damage. I’ll practice my DPs and ultra 2 on dives today


Good luck! Nobody likes fighting Hawk anymore, that Spire buff is godlike – hopefully we’ll see a nerf.