T.Hawk at NEC

I will be attending NEC this coming weekend my first major since ECT… ugh school…

I am doing Teams with Native Impact… a few of you Xbox warriors may know him but he is a very good Thawk located in New York so this sho9uld be a very fun thing for me and for him alike. I dont know who our 3rd is but im very optimistic.

If you are going please come find me… I want to actually meet more people at this event.

I hope to do more than 2-0 Yipes this time around…

lol 3 hawks on one team?

Native is playing bison I think if he goes hawk I’ll go to geif… We have options

I played native on live, hawk vs hawk. He’s good! good luck and hope you guys go far!

Unfortunately can’t go to NEC…hoping to reach ECT next year though.

This actually my first major but we hopefully will get far! plus we need a another team member

Man I wish I would have looked at this earlier, but when I probably first glanced over this thread I don’t believe I was expecting to go to NEC at the time. I’m not sure if I remember hearing the team that was supposed to include Joe Lewis and Native Impact, but all the same I was there at NEC (Yay!) and in my experience there I only met two other T. Hawk players and only one of which actually competed in singles period. Like I’m sure quite a few people have been saying we simply need more Hawk representation at Majors and other tourneys. And with that said Winter Brawl 2012 is coming up and anyone who can show up to this event and rep. T. Hawk should try and make it to Philly. I believe Winter Brawl is in mid February and an even greater T. Hawk attendance would be amazing next time around!

PM, did you play in the tourney? How’d you do?

I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to compete because I couldn’t come up with 10 bucks for Singles in time. But I did fairly well playing some people in casuals. I only managed to not gain a win against two people while I was there which I think is pretty good. At Winter Brawl I will hopefully be able to represent T. Hawk in Team and/or Singles matches. And if you play Hawk seriously and want to come out and show the AE community what Hawk is about then I suggest you come out to Philly too.