T- Hawk Can('t) Defeat Blanka?

Well, every player must know that te worst matchup in entire game is t-hawk vs blanka. it’s 8-2 tier, and its the highest one. ive never defeated any +2500 rank blankas, ever. and trust me ive tried hard. but 3-4 days ago, in ranked match. i defeated a blanka, i think its a miracle. heres the video.


Sadly that Blanka didn’t seem to know about the match up at all. He didn’t even give you any respect as a grappler and got blown up for it. He opened round one with slide, which is a guaranteed SPD for you. You more or less did whatever you wanted and he got destroyed. He literally seems like he’s never played a grappler before.

People need to stop saying Blanka Hawk is 8-2.

I do believe its 8-2, if blanka knows the match up (which they usually don’t). But really this match up is 7-3 at best, main issue is we cant put the same pressure on their wakeup.

Ultra 2 has been the ultra of choice for me here, i can catch the balls, i can catch them waking up with any ball. makes them actually want to sit there on wake up.

You can believe it’s 8-2 all you want, you’re still wrong.

You can believe it’s 5:5 or 4:6 all you want, you’re wrong too. I’ve seen you play and thus I know why you say what you say but this doesn’t apply as a general rule of thumb.

Seriously… how the hell did this Blanka even have so much BP/PP and being that shitty… the guy have no idea how to fight against hawk…

First of all… he’s really messing up his execution… lets just give him a benefit of doubt and say it’s lag.

But more importantly his strategy/approach is completely wrong…

He shouldn’t be using slide at all unless 1) he’s really sure it’s gonna hit… like… he observe’s T-Hawk using jabs to try to stop ball and doing it as a pattern or mashing… or 2) doing slide at absolute tip… to the point where it’s safe… or maybe even frame advantage…

He should be focusing his entire strategy on horizontal ball and upball… he doesn’t even need to decide if he wanna play offensive or defensive… because both strategy pretty much work… defensive being a bit easier…

it’s so freaking simple… if Thawk gets within range… watch what he does…

  1. does he likes to slowly inch his way forward?
  2. does he like to throw pre-emptive jabs/moves to counter possible ball?
  3. does he likes to jump to hopefully beat out horizontal ball on landing?
  4. does he likes to rush in.

after figuring this out… Blanka can easily react accordingly…

if Blanka scores a knockdown… he should be going for meaty upball… if timed right even if you do ex dp it will probably whiff.

in the end… .if the opponent have no match up knowledge… then even the worst match up doesn’t matter…

imo… it’s an extremely uphill battle for T-Hawk… if T-Hawk got good reaction it’ll be a bit better… he can react to the slower/safer ball like LP/MP ball and just dp it… if not… imo… the best way is to slowly push Blanka to the corner… and take the chip damage in the process… take advantage of ball being bounced backwards and instead of thinking of offense… think of it as a good opportunity to move forward quickly safely… and close off space… Once Blanka is in the corner… that’s when the match will be more even and Blanka will need to take more risks…

if the Blanka knows what’s he’s doing… you pretty much shouldn’t ever jump outside of okimeze scenario.


Matchup at highest level is 5-5

On the subject of this match-up, I figured out a kinda silly way to bait and punish EX Upballs: After LP SPD, just empty jump and do cl.LP as you land, then you’ll be able to block any 4-frame move Blanka throws out, including EX Upball. You can also OS the block into EX Spire to beat EX Rainbow Ball or Backdash (Backdash only works in the corner though), or OS it into SPD if you think he’ll try to block. I think you might be vulnerable to a frame-perfect wake-up grab though.

and what about lp and then nj.hp?

Personally I don’t trust those “whiff a normal first” set-ups, since you basically need to land a 1-frame link for those to work. That set-up sounds like it would get caught too, since I’m -2 or -3 on mine, so doing an air normal would end up at -4 or -5. Far s.LP is also two frames slower than cl.LP, leaving you at -6 or -7.

it only gets beat though by
akumas lp(trade) mp
Onis mp ex
eryus lp(trade) mp hp
ryus lp(trade) mp hp ex
Ken cant do anything
…The spacing messes them up

Ok, but I was talking about Blanka specifically. It’s possible Blanka won’t reach in time, I wouldn’t know.

On the note of reversals, I noticed you can beat a lot of fast ones by doing LP SPD; whiffed airmove, instant HP DP. Is anyone else using this, or is it just me?

Bit of a Necro but trying to get some Hawk technology from these boards so I’m reading absolutely everything.

This video is kinda poor, it was either very laggy or just two poor players. So many blankas online have a high rating and low skill - He just seems really strong on Wifi. His stupid shit becomes harder to punish without frame perfection. I just saw Lolsweep with no ability to block low and blanka running into random grabs. Sweeping too much with Hawk is a horrible habit to develop, even if it won you this round - the blanka was so bad that he would have lost to any strategy.

Blanka can be beat but it’s very tough. I have to play random and dumb but sometimes (10%) it works! lol

Smashed a 15000bp Blanka last night in ranked 3 times in a row. He was trying to play honest though, hence why he lost.

Didn’t seem useful to anyone

Care to elaborate on this?

I’m like 20-0 against Condor Inspired in that matchup. he’s obviously not at the highest level

It’s a ton better now!