T. Hawk Combo Thread



Hey guys, just wanted to have a place to consolidate all of T. Hawks Combos. I did some research and managed to link all of these together. Please add as soon as you find new links! Hope they help!

Body Press, cl.fp, lp - 272 dmg
Body Press cl.fp, cr.mk - 296 dmg
Body Press, cl.mp, lp, mp - 295 dmg
Body Press, cl.mp, light Tomahawk - 304 dmg (med -320, hvy - 328, EX - 304, EX+EX Dive - 374)
Body Press, cl.fp, mp - 309 dmg
Body Press, cl.mk, EX Condor Spire, EX Tomahawk - 335 dmg
j.mk, cl.mp, lp, mk - 261 dmg
j.mk, cl.mk, EX Condor Spire, EX Tomahawk - 315 dmg
J.mk, cl.mp, cl.mp, mp - 315 dmg
j.hp/hk, cl.mp, lp, mk - 291 dmg
j.hp/hk, cl.mk, EX Condor Spire, EX Tomahawk - 345 dmg
j.hp/hk, cl.mp, cl.mp, mp - 345 dmg

p.s. The combos listed beginning without the body press (with the exception of the ones using the EX Spire/Tomahawk, I added those to show the difference in damage between jump-ins and that it does the exact same amount of damage as the three medium punches without burning two bars) cannot be done with the body press, The thing pushes you just out of reach. But you can exchange any combo beginning with the body press cross-up for the j.hp/hk for 10 points more damage if you plan to use that combo.


Some you listed, but I added stun values.

Body Press, cl.mp, Heavy Tomahawk - 328 dmg 410 stun
Body Press, EX TB - CD - 348 dmg, 528 stun
Body Press, cl mp, EX TB -> CD - 374 dmg 525 stun
Body Press, cr. RH - 250 dmg, 350 stun
Body Press, st. RH - 250 dmg, 350 stun (Large characters only, gives great positioning)
Body Press, 3x s. jab, s. mp -264 dmg, 335 stun
Body Press, cl. mp, EX Condor Spire - 320 dmg, 370 stun
Body Press, cl. mp, EX CS, EX TB, CD - 415 dmg, 505 stun

j fr., cl. mk, EX CS, EX TB, CD - 425 dmg, 555 stun
J. HP, cl. mp, EX TB -> CD - 384 dmg, 575 stun


I just found this one and I think I hold the new record. :slight_smile: It does not work on Hakan, probably the same for Blanka.

Jump forward, D+HP, st. mp x 2, EX CS, EX RH, EX CD

457 damage
550 stun


Here it is on YT


I bet most of these combos won’t work on crouching or short fighters.

What’s T Hawk’s BnB combo?

Jump in attack, cr.lk xx dp?


jump in, cl.mp is the better option, it forces the stand, gives you the best frame advantage, and also does more damage. After the cl.mp, you could do the tomahawk buster, or if you did a deep jump in, continue to hit him with mp twice more. If he blocks, you have the option of doing any of the typhoons, a late tomahawk buster if hes trying to jump, or simply block.


I would say BnB is j.splash cl.lp, cl.lp, f.mp. If the lp is blocked you can tick SPD. But really ig doesn’t seem like he has a good BnB.


Tested the majority of the combos against crouching Ryu, Ibuki and Juri. Just about every single one still works with the proper timing, with the only exception being certain jab combos being nearly impossible to connect with a TB after the 3rd jab.

As for BnB, there’s no EX GH combos like Gief where it makes a ton of practical sense to aim for a certain one or two combos. It all depends on the situation and spacing you want to set up after, obviously go with the stronger ones if you don’t care about your positioning as much.


nj HP, close MP xx HP TB 358 dmg / 460 stun
nj HP, close MP xx EX TB xx EX CD 404 dmg / 575 stun


j.HP, s.LP, s.LP, s.LP, LP Tomahawk 298 / 445 (very easy way to hit confirm into his DP)

you can also swap the last s.LP for :df: LP which is his command jab, makes it easier to buffer the SRK motion.


Humorous one here that works on Gief.

cl.lp xx cl.lp xx cl.lp xx f.lp xx f.lp 164 dmg. 205 stun


OMFG… THAT’S why we have a turbo button…


I feel once I can put EX Spire in and out of combos, I’ll really make a break through with Hawk.
That one listed above using 3 bars doesn’t look that difficult (on a Seimitsu as opposed to a Sanwa anyway, lol) and just look at the carnage!
Although having full Super by round 2 is awesome if you’ve gone with UII, as then you have AA and up close options that are both lethal.


Doopliss’ combo video had some interesting combos, but the one that really made me jump out of my seat was the medium kick into super combo. I recreated the combo in training mode pretty easily, but only with Guy… while crouching. I tried Hakan, Ryu, Cammy and a couple others but nothing worked. Does anyone know if it works with anyone else?

Here’s Doopliss’ thread (I voted for him): http://shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=236923


No, you can only combo into grabs on crouching Guy. Zangief can do HP GH xx Super on crouching Guy as well. Btw, TB (at least EX TB) causes a more vertical knockdown if it’s a coutnerhit, maybe you can do something with that?


Ok so i’ve spent some time in training mode testing things on guy, dudley, sagat, ryu, and sakura. I’m just gonna paste a bunch of combos in here, several of which have already been stated above but I’ve grouped them by usefulness (knockdown, mixup, and footsies) then sorted by number of hits and then damage dealt.

Leads to: Knockdowns
Body press, cl.mp, cl.mp xx ex CS, ex TB, ex CD - 457 stun 550
Body press, st.jab, cl.mp xx ex CS, ex Tb, ex CD - 407 stun 500
j.mk, cl.mk xx ex CS ex TB xx CD - 375 stun 471
Body press, st.jab, cr.lk xx TB - 273/287/294/(ex)273 stun 380/(450)
Body press, st.jab, cl.mp, TB - 313/327/whiff/313 stun 420/(490
Body press, cr.lk xx TB - 254/270/298 stun 360
Body press, cr.rh - 250 stun 350

Leads to: Mixup–every ender cancelable into spire/ex spire and FADCable*
Body press, cr.jab, st.jab, st.jab, st.jab, far lk - 239 stun 330
j.hp/hk, cl.hp, st.jab, far lk - 303 stun 475
Body press, cl.mp, st.jab, far lk - 253 stun 325
(I still have a couple combos in this realm to test)

*for these combos, lp spire will generally stop short of the enemy, mp/ex spire will hit. using hp spire would be foolish. out of the characters i tested, ryu and sakura couldn’t be hit by the last far lk but st.jab is special cancelable into spire and FADCable–and because it does 10 more damage than far lk you’ll want to try and keep that in as the last hit on the smaller characters.

Leads to: Footsies
Body press, st.jab, st.jab, st.jab, mp - 264 stun 335
body press, cr.jab, st.jab, st.jab, cr.mk - 242 stun 335
j.mk, cl.mp, lp, mk - 233 stun 275
j.hp/hk, cl.fp, cr.mk - 306 stun 480
j.hp/hk, cl.mp, mp - 282 stun 380
j.hp/hk, cr.hp (2 hits) - 260 stun 400
j.hk, cl.rh (only guaranteed off of j.hk) - 260 stun 400

the first four here are only in range for st.RH after the combo. after the cl.mp, mp you can land a st.hp. after the crouching fierce you can land st.mp. and after the cl.rh you are even in jab range.

I think t.hawk has a lot to work with. now if i can just get go from cr.lk to cl.jab consistently we might even be able to force people to block low after a jumpin…


You can 1-frame link off a cr.mk counter hit. Makes for some cool looking combos. cr mk, cr jab, st. lk, EX CS, EX TB, EX CD.

I catch people all the time with J D+HP, CR MK then LP TB…even though it can’t combo, the recovery of the MK is I think 1 fram away from being able to combo so it does catch a bunch of people by surprise.


i just get in training and i figured out that low middle kick can be combed after far lp so you can do lp lp lp low middle kick.

It enter in combo the same way that middle punch and ok it 's a 1 frame link so is the same difficult but otherwise it’s much more useful cause if you miss the link quite often middle kick goes in counter hit or trade with sweeps or reversal.

It’s also useful against char that have strange little hitbox as blanka, akuma, hakan that often miss middle punch if not right timed in combo.

one of my prefered is jump in splash hp close hp lp low middle kick and of course in middle kick animation just buffer lp condors spire to continue pressing


Usually you can sub c.MP for s.MP against characters that can duck the latter, and it does more damage than c.MK.

Also nobody listed FA combos? The only significant one I could find that isn’t totally obvious is FA, cl.MP, cl.MP xx LP TB. Sometimes you have to walk a tiny bit forward so that you’re close enough to get two cl.MPs. I’ll check later to see if it works on everybody, and if you can get it off of a counter lvl1 FA while still walking forward (The window is a little small, so I’m not sure if it’ll work consistently).


hmmm, i got to check this out.