T Hawk costume..here it is



What do you think?

Well, well, well! I … : ???

He looks skinny?


he looks dumb. Maybe it will look better in 3d…


shocker 1: there’s a costume more revealing than Cammy’s
shocker 2: it’s T.Hawk 2nd alt


Oh my god where is his underwear!?
Even Honda has underwear! Let’s hope there are no upskirt shots on T.Hawk’s moves.


I agree with previous posts, but the tomahawk was a nice touch. Is this supposed to be an Aztec look or something?


I like it. It’s definitely a lot better than alt. #2, which made Hawk look like Honda and dumb at the same time.


I actually thought it was Honda first time I saw it.


Personally, I don’t like it…at all. Maybe it’ll look better in game. But I DO like his alternate #1 so I’ll continue to use that.


Does anyone know what the hell the inspiration was for alt. #1?? He’s wearing fuzzy pants, what is that?


I like it more than Alt 1, but it seems a bit too “busy” to me. I’ll try it out when I can though, maybe it’ll grow on me.


Everytime I see Alt 1 I think of the scene in Dragnet where Dan Akroid and Tom Hanks are trying to infultrate P.A.G.A.N. If that tomahawk was made of obsidian then Alt 2 would be strait out of Apocolypto…maybe I should watch less movies.


i actually like it. i didnt like alt 1 but it grew on me especially the war paint, this one is very mesoamerican, which makes sense since he’s a native american from mexico


It’s out today! So who’s going for it?


I bought it, and it’s fucking awesome, one of my favorites alts, he looks so dangerous now!


the tomahawk

the tomahawk attached to his waist is a nice reference to his name. (even if his first name is thunder, not toma:looney:)


I just got it too. Color #9 is badass.


Alt 2 is GODLIKE.

I use Alt2-10

Its soo rediculous you have to wear.

Beats the YMCA look and/or raciest indian

Hell you could of put hawk in a straight suit with a cowboy hat. Is that raciest enough?


With a bolo tie!! LMAO


Thawk cigarettes. Same indian boots.