T.Hawk Damage Output Guide Sheet

This is a section of my notebook that I have pretty much been keeping to myself… However, admittinly, there are some inconsistencies with my data and a few things that are ommited, such as combos… etc (That high level yomi type of crap)

SSF4AEslkfjslakjaskljflkj has 41 (or is it 39? I dont even know anymore) Characters in AE…Rather than have 1 person do an excel sheet for every chracter if mabye… each person in the forums did one for one character and posted here to be put in this OP it could be a really good reference.

I wonder how everyone else feels about this… This could also be something that could end up in the guide?

What are you looking for? Damage for everything or just their go to options? I am interested in this myself even though I’m not a Hawk player (started compiling some things last night but it will take quite a while…)

PRobably the best place is here:

Then go to the character specific page like Abel for example

And grab all the data, Joe needs to define how the text should be carried over.

To make things simple, we should only concentrate on the damage and stun, at this point probably better to leave out stun until we figure out how to organize the data. Stun can come later.