T.Hawk - exercises for improving execution

Hello forum,

Having played SF in my youth, and have recently got back into the thick of it. Unfortunately I’ve spent my years studying and working instead of sitting in front of the TV playing console games. This, in addition to using the computer keyboard daily, has caused the muscles on my left thumb to weaken and atrophy, since it was never used for anything more strenuous than pressing the ‘space bar’.

Rather foolishly I bought a copy of SF4:AE and a Xbox360 joypad, with dreams of being able to pull of FADC(s) into Ultra(s). Lets just say that in my first few days of playing SF4, my left thumb was able to feel previously undiscovered feelings of pain and discomfort.

I can report, however, that I am now able to at perform the ‘shoryuken’ and the 360 and 720 motions if I take a deep breath, steady myself and count down from three. It has become clear to me that to progress in this game I will have to execute these moves on cue, and punishing my opponent for whiffed moves, instead of jumping harmlessly into the air while I scream expletives.

So I am hoping to compile a list of ‘exercises’ which I can repeat and execute with minimal error, as part of a regiment for improvement. If you have any suggestions, please let me know and I will add them.

[]Dash + Tomahawk
* Tomahawk
* Tomahawk
]EX Spire + EX Tomahawk + EX Condor Dive
[]L Spire + L Mexican Typhoon (to close distance)
]Dash + Mexican Typhoon
[]Focus 3 + Dash + Mexican Typhoon (dizzy punish combo)
]S.MK + EX Mexican Typhoon
[]Jump + Ultra 1
]Dash + Ultra 1 (can’t do this yet o_O)
[]J.Body Press + (C/S).MP + M Tomahawk
]Dash + C.LK + C.LP
[]C.LK/S.LP + Mexican Typhoon
]EX spire through projectiles (using training dummy)
[]Focus dash through projectiles (using training dummy)
]Focus dash through projectile + Mexican typhoon (training dummy)
* CS whiff + Ultra 1
[*]J.Body Press + Mexican Typhoon/Ultra 1 (fake)
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Edit : Added suggestions from Mipe and xpsg

Definitely learn to pull off the dash ultra. I wouldn’t bother with Ultra2 right now since the command is going to be removed in a couple of months (or is it weeks?).

EX Spire to EX TB to EX CD can be a neat way to end a round.

Ticking into MT from st.lp and cr.lk

Reacting to projectiles with EX Spire as fast as lightning even when walking forward. Also focus dashing through projectiles/heavy attacks at close range.

Learn to do body press/shoulder as late as possible so that you can fake with the shoulder and go for a Mexican Typhoon/Ultra when it whiffs.

Is this an option select?

I recognise this picture…Mipe, are you Teleq/ICSmash?

Nope. Shoulder can’t hit grounded opponents so it whiffs 100% of the time, still makes your opponents block though.

And I’m nobody you know.

You can probably modify the focus-dashing thru projectiles to end with a mexican typhoon. Also, whiffing CS/EX-CS into ultra 1.

Learn to be able to spd at any point during a block string… That includes ultra
Learn to extend hit strings to their full damage potential. So know the spacing of stuff like this:

Close mp, close mp, lp, lp, crouch mk
Know the spacing for condor spire and be able to hit confirm it in block strings so it whiffs right in from of them s you can command grab them like this: strong, jab,jab,jab, light condor spire, ultra 1
Can’t think of much else. I use fadc system…ehh

I don’t think you need to drill specific setups. Just keep tick throwing all over the place until it becomes second nature to buffer 360s in everything. Ideally you should be able to buffer ultras within shorts or jabs.

One of the most important things to learn early on is hit confirming with cross up belly splash > s.mp. Set the training dummy to random block, do cross up splash > s.mp, on hit combo into dp and on block tick spd off the mp. Once you get the hang of it you’ll have a basic 50/50 mixup to expand your game from.

Everyone should learn standing 720s because it’s just so awesome when it happens.

Things to be a successful hawk alongside execution.

Anti-air with fierce tomahawk on reaction. Set the computer hard difficulty and wait for them to jump in.

Like this thread said, learn to buffer 360’s in every move. Usually start from the direction you’re facing to up-back.

Once you get the hang of 360’s. Start buffering SPD’s during dash. Once you get the hang of buffering during dash, learn dash ultra. IT’S CRUCIAL for maximum punishes. It’ll also force you to learn how to buffer 720’s incredibly quick to punish things like a badly spaced tiger knee.


cross up splash > s. strong xx Fierce Tomahawk

any jump in > s. jab > s. strong > s. jab > cr. forward

s. strong > s. strong > s. strong (good damage)

cross up splash > s. strong xx EX-Spire

Plinking will help substantially with s. jab > s. strong > s. jab > cr. forward (plink the s. strong and the cr. forward)

Inputs should look like:

:mp: :lp:
:mk: :lk:

in terms of buffering

I always buffer in the following motion for 360

F > D/F > D > D/B > B > B/U

That way you’re not holding forward after you throw out a tick normal in case they mash out or something.