T. Hawk Frame Data from Prima Guide


Oh sick! Thank you!!!

ive been doing jab jab strong and i see its the easiest link to do :slight_smile:

Is the link dead? I’d really love to see this.

The link is dead. IIRC, st.jab to st.strong was a one frame link according to the data. Some stuff just didn’t look right to me.

The site wasn’t supposed to be live until Tuesday, so it’ll be dead until then.

:sad: I didn’t make it to see his frame data.
I’ll wait until released.

Edit: Do not be afraid to cry.

Tuesday has come and gone. We got a revised timeframe? :wgrin:

search http://www.sfframedata.com/walkthrough/pages/thawk.php on google and look at the cache version :smiley:

It works now.

HK (Far) -9 on block. I wonder Ryu’s super or Blanka’s ball can punish it…

Thrust Peak (DF+LP) -7 lol same as lp spire

also where are the dive frames?

What are the invincibility frames on his Tomahawks? @_@