T.Hawk Frustration Thread: Express your anger!



I got the idea for this from the Gouken sub-forum, and I thought it’d be nice to have this thread seeing as how we T.Hawk Players are constantly fighting uphill battles and harboring frustration from them. I’ll start.

Idk, in the beginning when AE came out I thought T.Hawk was a solid character, but as time went on when I got around to playing against the whole cast it became more apparent to me that he still has major problems. He definitely is a better character in AE compared to Super, and I am grateful for it, but I just don’t understand why he has to have such horrendously difficult matchups, let alone having many bad ones too. I don’t think T.Hawk…is a bad character, but he definitely isn’t viable enough to be considered competitive at a tournament level.

Like seriously, was there ever a game that T.Hawk has been in where he was actually viable at a competitive level? As far as I know, T.Hawk has never been anything but Low Tier in all of his fighting game appearances. I’m not saying that T.Hawk has to be above Low Tier to be considered good, he can still be a Low Tier character, but shouldn’t Low Tier characters at least be given a decent amount of reliable tools to win? Just because a character is Low Tier it doesn’t mean they should have the worst options. They should have the least amount of options yes, but the little they have should at least be solid.

sigh, I just hope he’ll be a better character when they balance the game again. I’m really worried though, because some Low Tier characters like El Fuerte and Gouken we’re made worse and I hope this isn’t T.Hawk’s fate in the next update. Hope T.Hawk doesn’t become T.Suck, lol.


geeze… don’t think this is the first “cry your eyes out”, thread about T hawk…


T hawk live free. Hunt many buffalo. White man came. Gave blankets. Force t hawk off land. White man have stick that make thunder. All buffalo die before great storm. Blanket make t hawk wife juli sick. No buffalo, no furs to trade for white man medicine.


I LOL’d so hard XD.

I agree with Chazz though. It’s the same way with me in BlazBlue too. I main Tager, who is always (well, in the 3 games he’s been in >.>) low tier, and is great until you play competitively, then any higher tier character can easily space you out and combo your ass.

With T.Hawk, it’s pretty much the same thing. Although, we should count our blessings in the fact that T.Hawk has a lot more options than Hakan XD. At least T.Hawk has a DP. We can look at this a different way. If a T.Hawk manages to beat a Yun in competitive play (Not extremely likely…) than we can all revel in the fact that a low tier character just beat the best character in the game, and T.Hawk will immediately earn respect! I have beaten some Yuns on XBL, but that’s not really comparable to a tourny, for instance.

But if we all stick together, with T.Hawk, we can get his tribe off the reservation! BAND TOGETHER THUNDER HAWK PLAYERS! BAND TOGETHER AND RIDE FORTH ON THE WINGS OF FREEDOM!!! (And Condor Dive).




This was prime frustration. XD


my only rage with t hawk is fight against blankas


Agreed. It really shouldn’t be as free, or rather, as difficult as it is. Blanka. RAWR


Seth could go to hell,!

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Blanka really boils my piss…


Just played 20 games against a Blanka in Endless. God, this fuckin matchup is really demoralizing. Almost everything I try and do is all for naught. This matchup is like…one guy with a knife against 10 guys all armed with AK47’s. I know skill is the biggest part of winning matches, but this is one of those matches where I truly feel the character counts more then skill. Even a suckass Blanka has a better chance of winning then a master T.Hawk. Blanka has the upperhand against T.Hawk in all fuckin aspects! There’s not a single weakness T.Hawk is able to exploit at all against Blanka.

I’m not trying to give the impression that I don’t want T.Hawk to have bad matchups, in fact I think T.Hawk should have some bad matchups, but why does this matchup have to be so freakin-fuckin-aggravating-overwhelming-demoralizing-unbelievably HARD!?!?!?! I just don’t understand what Capcom is trying to accomplish by making some matchups so dick-pullingly difficult. I don’t think a matchup should ever be more frustration then challenge honestly (-_-)


Blankas gimmicks really grind my gears

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I’ve had (2) Rage quit’s today.



played against seth today, hated, i cant do anything he flys around the screen mixing alot and i cant do anything is horrible, bring back the stamina and stun from super pls capcom


T.hawk is really good if you play very aggressive and place a lot of pressure. My worst match up while i’m t.hawk right now is gouken (air fire balls…gosh). But gosh t.hawk is so much fun. FTW!


I will exit out of a match if I see somebody pick blanka I don’t even care.


fuck C VIPER! capcom, nerf that shit pls, one mistake and that bitch punish me with 40% damage, thats ridiculous, fuck if she is hard to play or whatever i dont care.


OMFG Fucking Balrog. I hated Blanka and Guile but talk about BS simple unpunishable foolishness. Straight punch, walk back, walk back, walk back…walk back, walk back, straight punch. Rinse and repeat. Does everybody play every character the same nowadays? God forbid I press towards on the stick accidentally.


Let him walk himself into the corner then pull his pants down, grease up, and aim for penetration.


hawk is all about rage.
that is why his ultra’s called raging typhoon and raging slash.