T-Hawk Grabs

Hi Guys

Im quite new to the game been, playing since SSF4 came out and am truly in love with the game. I even went as far as buying a arcade stick, its been really hard for me to learn felt like giving up a few times but got the grasp of it now, just still got a few problems. T-Hawks grab is my nemisis, i can’t seem to do anything against it, one guy just grabed me the whole match. I have simlar problems with other peoples command grabs aswell e.g Zangief, Hakan, E-Honda but none of these characters seem to have the speed and prioty Hawk does. Is there a strategy against these characters or something I can do to counter it. I play Guile main, Dictator and Sagat. Thanks. Jon

Guile players shouldn’t have to much to worry with your sonic boom you can pretty much zone them. when you throw a sb you can either air grab, flash kick or in some cases throw another sonic boom. T hawk is a pain really the only thing to do is dont drop your combos because im sure there spamming the command grab wait for you to mess up. honda you have to worry about his ex headbutt because it goes through fireballs. I wouldnt think sagat has to much trouble especially with his tiger shots but dictator i would think would have a hard time with them. so dont pick him when fighting a grappler lol.

command grab beats blocking and non-invincible moves.

Jumping, backdashing, and DPs beat command grabs.

Be sure to back-off after at least two of your attacks are absorbed via block. Usually when I’m trying to pressure Hawk players with my Gen, a few seconds into the block-stun I eat a command grab. As mentioned, just play keep away with Guile or Sagat.