T. Hawk in SSF2T

I’ve been playin’ a lil’ bit wit him lately and between him and Zangief I sorta like em better due to his speed and easier to do moves but I dont understand his play style, I’m tryin’ to find patterns, corner traps, crap like that and I barely got any combos so far I only got deez

Jumping deep roundhouse, standing close forward, Thunderstrike with jab punch

Jumping deep down + fierce punch, crouching jab punchx2, Standing toward/back + jab punch

Cross-up forward kick, standing close jab punch, Thunderstrike with fierce punch

jump jab is retared

Edit: as am I apparently (sp)

I’m Bored…

…and will take your bait. I’m not a japanese champion, so feel free to flame me. I can’t do standing 720 (but I can do the fake one :P) If anyone can add to this, please do so.

This will be long.

Old Hawk is faster, and doesn’t have the gay colors.

Idiot Tactic: when close after blocking a jump-in, during opponent’ s block string, or getting up off the ground, spin the stick in a circle continuously and drum your fingers all over the punch buttons. Watch the reversal 360s come out of nowhere. Also used to pick the hole when characters (Gief) are intent on ending their combos with a throw. Stupid, dangerous, but can still work for those without LEET 360 skillz. But you’re still a retard.

It’s ALL about getting in close. Use pokes, jump, or a knockdown to get in. You HAVE to get in. They’re going to try and keep your big ass out. Once you get in or get the knockdown it’s ALL about the 360 (or combo if you can dizzy). You’re big, you’re mad, and you’re gonna slam their face into the ground.

Pokes: d.MK, s.MK, d.LP, b+LP
LP rising hawk for knockdown, you have to anticpate VERY well
Walk in 360 if they hesitate during poking
LP Rising Hawk through quick FBs and sloppy FB strings
far s.RH to stop/trade with projectiles
far s.MP to poke Shoto fireballers in the eye
far s.RH if you anticipate jump
ghetto sweep from far (2nd hit only) then laugh
j.LP IS retarded and beats a LOT of normal AAs (usually 360 afterwards) and is good air-to air.

Rising Hawk for AA (duh)

Diving Hawk uses are obvious. To sail over projectiles, and to mix up your jumping so when they try to hit your normal jump, you hit 'em with Diving Hawk instead. There’s also the extremely ghetto 2nd-day-it-came-out whiff diving hawk into 360 on sleepers.

Don’t be afraid to jump in with jab… Not ALL DAY or anything, but eating a few anti-airs isn’t so bad if you can eventually get in and dish out the hurt. It only takes one lucky jump in to bring the pain. If you actually jump with brains, it’s even better.

If you jump a poke or projectile and you’re barely at the range to hit them, but if you DO hit them or they block they’ll possibly be pushed back out of 360 range, empty jump into 360 instead. From the right range empty jump into 360 can be kinda useful for avoiding anti-airs anyways.

deep j.LP against downed opponent is very hard to hit except with a reversal. But if done perfectly it can connect if the opponent blocks, but you can land safely and block if the opponent reversals with a special (if the special has any startup, i’m not too sure about all of them)

If you corner an opponent with knockdown or 360, you are in VERY VERY good shape. Especially if they don’t have very good anti-air reversal. Just do repeated ticks into 360 over and over as they get up. (deep j.LP, d.LPs, 360 for example) After a couple reps they die. There is nothing they can do except reversal out, they only get 2 opportunities to reversal, and even THEN you can still be in good shape (see bottom).

The threat of 360 alone when upclose or after they block or get hit by one of your attacks is enough to bait people into reversals or escape tactics or desperate specials. If you can predict it, punish it (hopefully with DP or 360).

Crossup MK is good and can be one of those funny hard-to-block types if you set it up right.

Crossup knees (MK), s.MK, HP Rising hawk. (good dizzy)

Blanka taught him how to j.HP indian style. It hits super low (to hit sweeps and other low tripguard AAs)

d.LP owns blanka. Wee.

HK throw has little range, but sets up repeated tick trap a la N.Ken (hold UF, jumping Knees, throw again/combo/360/etc) You can crossup with the knees on some characters this way.

j.LP > 360
d.LP xN (after jump-in or crossup) > 360
meaty d.MK > 360
(Meaty d.MK, d.LP, LP Rising hawk can work on some characters if they eat it)

Mix up when you 360 during your ticks (number of LPs) against charge characters so they might accidentally guess wrong and waste their charge trying to pick the hole.

If you do your ticks right, they can’t jump out of them. They can possibly counter throw you, but if you range your tick right, or push yourself out of their throw range (with d.LPs) but still in 360 range, this isn’t an issue. The only other thing they can do is reversal out with special.

…Which brings me to Ba-BUM!

Negative Stormhammer
Perform your 360 motion and end at down-back (or back) and RELEASE a punch button. If they can possibly get grabbed, they get slammed. If they avoided it with a reversal special or managed to jump out or something, you block (and possibly punish them for their foolish mistake!). SWEET. Basically it’s a blocking Stormhammer. I like to start the motion at down or down-back, but whatever.


j.LP, N360
deep j.LP, d.LP x2, N360
When getting up after knockdown, reversal N360
crossup, d.MP, Negative SUPER!

Embarassing O.Hawk trick: [360, walk, s.Jab]xN

Now go kick some ass with Hawk.

Okay I have a question. Does anyone know the timing of the safe jump-in jab? Supposedly the japanese hawks use this to get a free jump-in after a knockdown because if done correctly, even if the opponent does a wakeup reversal you will land and block. But I can’t seem to get the right timing. I usually do it too late and eat an antiair, bleh.

Oh and how good is an off-the-ground hawk dive for punishing whiffed ground attacks? The CPU does this to me every so often.

T. Hawk is fun to play, but unfortunately he has zero chance against some characters.

I can’t get it to work often myself, but I have seen it happen. I don’t know if it works against all attacks, but should work against any with startup if you think about it.

All I know is it’s the same deal as in A3 when you jump at shotos after a sweep… if they DP, you whiff and ground block the DP. If they didn’t DP you connect with your jump-in.

If you eat the anti-air, that would mean that you jumped too early (If it possible to use this trick against that certain anti-air anyways, I don’t really know)

I too would also like to know more about it.

I cant help on the timing front but I know that the Japanese have a whole catch 22 strategy using it.
When the opponent is getting up they land the j.Jab and 360,

Mixed with:

as the opponent is getting up j.Jab then wait (a split second) for the counter, then they counter the counter with Hawks Dragon.

Just these two move is a serious mind fuck strategy, you see that second move over and over cause the opponent is sure that the 360 must be coming…eventualy.

Other misc info:

T.Hawk has a special Jab that is used to snuff sweeps. Its perfomed F + Jab. Hawk does a downward knifehand technique, excellent for use against sweeps used to keep out like Guile’s c.Forward etc…

c.Strong can hit lots of stuff like Sim’s kicks and Shoto Cyclone Kick and afaik c.Strong into 360/Super is the best tick in the game bar none.

O.T.Hawk’s s.Roundhouse hits low, very usefull. Also his s.Forward is much better, super fast move.

Some info from UK ST master Tigerbones that expands on the RELEASE 360’s Drunkenmaster mentioned:

Hawks spd range is bizarre to say the least, he does have the momentuem spds like zangief which he can use to tremendous effect. I cant really define an exact range for Hawks spds and tell u it…cos it varies from char to char and also to what move they are trying to attacks you with… I have to say of any char in this game Ive seen the most weird shit with Hawk he can do some truly mad stuff like literally spd ryu thru an already extended fireball grab chars thru their specials (anyone that has their special move which requires them to have at least one foot on the ground on start up such as shoryukens, flash kicks, rekka punches, psycho crushers use ur imagination) on the ground can be wrenched up into Hawk spds.

You may have heard of Japan master hawk players who use the depressed button method to perform hawks spd! they do this cos hawks spd has no animations at all …like a whiffed gief grab gives u the whiffed gief posture lol… hawk hasnt got one… this leads to the abuse of the spd by people with the intelligence and execution to use it on a whim. There was a time when my hawk was very good where I had learnt how to use the depressed method to its best such as depress jab, attack with say a low forward then attempt the depressed spd by releasing the button if it doesnt work (the spd doesnt work grab) then just proceed as normal like nothing ever happened…

What this basically means is that at elite levels of play you can be attempting hawks spd constantly and if ur not landing it just carrying on into constant combo links and so on Ill give you a typical example…

Walking forward depressed punch (button pressed and held down) attempt spd…doesnt work… IMMEDIATELY go into a low jab/forward/short/etc like a chain. Thile depressing ur punch again for another attempt at the spd… going for spd again it again does nt come out… continue the method till eventually u
land a spd a midst the foray of jabs and pokes very hard to fight against when the person is 95% adept at the depressed method…

Have a question about the standing 360 and the negative 360(or safe 360 with punch release)

With Gief I can’t do this on command every time but, I do it a lot easier than T.Hawk. Now, I have read that Hawk gets off the ground faster so you have to do it quicker. So for the standing 360 with Hawk is Forward-Down-Back-Up the best way to do it? The only way?

With the negative punch or release punch. Can I hold the punch button down as long as I want? Example: j.LP, hold LP, s.MK, 360 release LP? Thats just an example but I also am wondering if I can move around and use other attacks while still holding the same punch or does it have to be the same one I just ticked with.

Long Live the Hawk and thanks for the help above in this thread already :smiley:

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