T-Hawk is too awesome



I pick him without practice and he just sits there all high on mezcal saying shit like “I am the mountain” and “Respect the land” while you try to chip at his gigantic health bar then he goes and smashes you either against his head or the land that he wants you to respect and 25%-50% of your health is gone. Then he has won and calls a fucking eagle he doesn’t even USE during the match.

I don’t care if Capcom doesn’t do it because I enjoy an unfair advantage…but let’s be honest, T-Hawk needs to be nerfed.


Boy, that sure is a solid argument you got there.


That is one fucking awesome post, 100% facts.


The eagle alone is enough as proof for the nerfing block.


and he can fly! how you gonna stop somebody that can fly?


T hawk is awesome because I suck at jab combos into specials but can do 360s all day long.


I wanna laugh, but I’m not sure if you’re being serious or not.




top tier thread right here. shit this thread is now in need of some serious nerfing!!!