T.Hawk Matchup Help etc

Hey guys. I was playing Akuma for a long time until recently I have picked up The Hawk and it is going really well. I feel very comfortable with him but I am missing information on some specific matchups.

Gouken - If people know what they are doing they can keep you out very well and punish you badly if you arent PERFECT with your approach. How can I get in on this guy?

Blanka - I know I can dash up after a blocked AA ball and throw but other than that he keeps jumping away until I am in the corner and then I cant jump cause he will ball underneath me and head towards the other corner. How do I deal with this best?

Lastly a few basic questions:

-Whats the best air to air for Hawk?
-Whats the rules on the back dash invincibility? Ive seen people, while in the corner, back dash a jump in, the kick goes threw Hawk, then he hits with ultra…whats the rules here?
-Whats your go to BnB? I always hit like 3 cr. lp but then I dont know where to go from there or if I should only do 2 and then something else to get more dmg in.

Let me know! Thanks!!

Oh look an official thread up there… >_>

It doesnt give me the answers to my problems. In fact, there is no analysis for Gouken yet…thanks for the tip… “>_>”

I’m saying ask questions about matchups in the matchup thread. We can help you there.

I will adress this in the matchup thread. Idk about grammer or the fact i just spell “address” and “grammar” wrong