T.Hawk matchup nightmare

What do I do against him, the only thing I’ve been able to figure thus far is to use the three punch GTFO move to get out of his grab range, other than that his giant body cross ups and just how much screen he blots out completely throws me off.

Any tips?

I can give some advice, I used to play Vega and now I’m a T.Hawk main. Vega outpokes T.Hawk and many times you’ll stuff his pokes, and so the best strategy is to keep him out with them. If you’re able to get a KD on him, cross him up with the FBA and then use the Izuna Drop. T.Hawk is really free against this because his only reversal option is to use the Tomahawk Buster (DP), which has a slow startup and lacks decent hitbox range, and so there’s a very good likelihood that if the T.Hawk Player we’re to reversal with it that they’ll whiff it and you’ll catch them with the Izuna Drop in the end. T.Hawk has a difficult time competing with Vega on a grounded game, and If you’re able to keep a T.Hawk out effectively with pokes, I guarantee that at one point or another the T.Hawk will resort to jumping as a way to get in. Vega also takes priority over T.Hawk in air-to-air as well, and the Neutral Jump HK works pretty well. Hope this is helpful.

Pretty much this. You know your doing something right if your forcing Hawk to resort to jumping.

And then the only move I use is hard kick? Cause this T. Hawk I’m playing jumps non stop regardless of what I’m doing, that’s his way of crossing you over repeatedly; I was using hard kick and it does work the best so I’m guessing it just becomes a matter of my execution.

you can always resort to this

i guess that pretty much involves making him jump tho :stuck_out_tongue:

I always enjoy a good trolling :slight_smile:

Ha, he uses the same taunt as me I’ll give that a try if I can’t do it any other way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

that’s me lol

What name do you play under on PSN so I can check out your replays.

I have like 11 accounts or so…

Main one is VegaMan_ I don’t expect my replays to be very good tho…

I ended up going 2-2 at evo losing to 2 pretty good kens. I lost because when the defining moment came I relied on gimmicks instead of playing solid like i had been. First loss was when I tried to land super on a cornered opponent and we both wound up missing each other. I had tons of recovery and it cost me the match. 2nd loss was when i had the ken down to his last 5% and i had a chips worth left. I tried my back pocket gimmick: a blocked cLP, cMP cancelled into a crossover EX SHC. He blocked it and i hate DP for the loss. Both kens had solid defense. I had just exhausted all the options i had to try to open them up.

Play really lame and punish any attempt he tries to use his floaty as jump with air throw. If you land something that causes untechable knockdown blow him up with the Izuna Drop loop like against Sagat. His hit box is just as big or bigger than Sagat’s and he has no real reversal that can deal with it so you can loop him down once you land the first drop. Neutral jump HK should be a good deterrent against his air game also.

I love you. TEN THROWS IN A ROW? I love you. Seriously. You’re so pretty.

i was going thru an adjustment period where i was giving up my throw macro button and working on doing it manually. when i beat the cpu on hardest using only throws… i wondered if it worked against humans…

obviously i got my answer.

There is player who goes around calling himself SodaPopROCKS, often uses this char… if u can manage similar results against him n are able capture it on vid I’ll be forever indebted to you.


Sounds like somebody got typhooned to death…lol

i’ll keep a lookout for him then invite you to a replay

i dont get it. vega vs hawk is 7-3 or 6.5-3.5 in vega favour imo. vega punishes everything hawk can do with a chXwhatever or at the very least a ST. you out footsie him, out range him, out everything him.

Well I can’t seem to out do him in any regard, maybe I’m just a terrible Vega, maybe I don’t know the matchup that well; I don’t know dude all I know is I get beat by him over and over.

A friend of mine has picked up T Hawk so I feel your pain. The only real counter I’ve found so far is standing RH. Just hang back. If you block a condor dive take a step forward and stand RH. Same with the spire. It will beat some of his jump ins as well. Other than that you just have to out poke him. Ch strong is always a good choice and hit confirms into ex FBA. Just be careful and watch his meter and ultra bar. I can’t tell you how many times I had the life lead but failed to see his big flashing full ultra meter. I went in for the kill and got sat on

I come in here and I see this? A conspiracy I say.