T-hawk option select thread

thought it would be good to all contribute to a database of t-hawk option selects we find useful.<br><br>: jump in Heavy kick -os- spd<br>the heavy kick is ambiguos when it will drift by the head whiffing or make contact allowing for the spd to come out on whiff unexpectadely. the heavy kick is best for catching back dashes.<br><br>:: jab string -os- ultra 2<br>hide the two quarter circles needed for the ultra within the jabs of your choosing. if they jump out ultra will come, if not they just get jabbed again.<br><br>: spd -os- block<br>begin your spd from the up direction and finish at back. you will have half a step to just block before you press punch for spd. this can stop alot of wakeup options from the opponent<br><br>

I saw an option select against Rufus used at Norcal Regionals.

Jump in body splash, option select Roundhouse on their wake up. If the opponent tries to EX Messiah away from T.Hawk’s pressure, the splash whiffs and the Roundhouse punishes.

I don’t know if that’s optimal, but its certainly there.

Yup, you also have option of usingx1 or x2 ex’s after for max damage. It’s my favorite combo in the game! So Boss! Also the boot is HKD. Just set them up with a few crossups that train them to want to jump. When they wake up you give them the boot!

Also when you crossup OS spd, you can also OS crouch tech incase they try and throw you on wake up. If they try and throw you crouch tech. If they try and dp you will block. If they do nothing they get SPD’d. If they jump or dash you perform nothing or a cr.lk. You just have to be sure when side you land on when you cross up.

Whoa whoa whoa.
What is this?
Can you explain the input and timing for me?
Sorry, I’m an idiot.

This is during a meaty crossup splash?
Is this OS supposed to cover situations where the splash whiffs?
Or is it employed after a splash is blocked?

question 1:Any move you want in air excluding dive
question 2: yes
question 3: If spash is blocked, you noticed the block you change it up and do some light attack or whatever you want to do. If your air attack whiffs, the OS will kick iN

also, to help out your execution, after you OS 360 crouch tech, you can hit the lp button one more time right after lp+lk to help execute a delayed spd.

if you have anymore specific questions let me know and ill answer them!

OS SPD throw is so simple yet so perfect.

Ok I’m really confused when you will use OS spd…

assuming you’re doing a meaty splash or just a regular jump in splash… wouldn’t anything that can avoid the meaty hit the OS?

lets take Blanka for example… he does ex upball… wouldn’t EX upball just hit you out of the OS spd?

or is this for manually timing certain knockdowns… and if the splash doesn’t connect (because jumping too early) you do SPD?


it can be used for example against able that is trying to roll out on wake up