T. Hawk or Zangief?

I like to use grapplers in general, and I used to use them both once in a while. Now I’m thinking to main one of them. I’m not too sure about the pros and cons differences between them. I need some help here guys.

Which one should I pick? Why?

T. Hawk

  • High Damage Output
  • Non-Execution heavy
  • Scary Close up Game (safe jumps/cross up etc)
  • Controls Screen Space
  • Handles Fireballs (EX-SPIRE)
  • Anti-Air (Tomahawk Buster)
  • Really bad Matchups (same for gief)
  • Hard to play Random (Limited amount of unpunishable whiffed special moves)
  • Super Slow Walk Speed
  • No Option-select Pokes
  • Less Ultra-Pushback Punishes


  • Great Pokes ( s. strong, cr. jab, cr. short )
  • O~S Pokes (Jab~EX-GH)
  • Fantastic Footsies
  • Jab SPD Range is Insane
  • High Damage SPD’s
  • Scary Close game
  • Well spaced PPP Lariat anti-air
  • Bad-matchups (Chun, Sagat, Yun, Dhalsim)
  • Relies on good execution (cr. short > cr. short > s. strong xx EX-GH) takes some serious practice
  • Requires the user to be making good reads on opponents

I think Zangief is better than Hawk, he’s faster, has better footies, better combos, the range of his 360 light punch is awesome, and he has the Lariat, the opponent really can’t jump in.

gief IS better than hawk. Nuff said.

What exactly is the difference between Pokes and Footsies?

T.Hawk is a footsie character with a DP and SPD

Zangeif is a straight ahead Combo Grappler

T.Hawks matchups are all 5-5 or 4.5/5.5 save two matchups (Vega, Blanka)

Zangeif is the same but loses horribly to Sagat(8-2), Blanka (7-3)

From a tournament level, T.Hawk is safer pick but he is harder to play well.

Geif forgives scrubs and is “Easy mode” in tournament.

You won’t be dissatisfied by picking either or.

Walk speed is a big part of it.

Pokes meaning moves that can reach a distance, are relatively safe to throw out randomly just to “check” your opponent.

Footsies meaning how well he can maneuver in and outside of peoples maximum poke range. (mostly attributed to his faster walkspeed and his hitbox shifting dramatically when moving forward or back)

Good Pokes=Good Footsies.

You don’t need to have good walk speed to have good footsies… They are not different things people keep separating them like they are different or something… T.Hawk has better footsies than Geif In my opinion. People tend to forget that becuase geif has two button footsies and it just works.

Gief loses to Akuma, Sagat, Juri, Dhalsim, Yun, and Chun
Yun is probably the most inconsistent loss

Overall, I feel that you might play both just to get a feel on them.

They are separate. Good Example. Sagat. His pokes are insanely good (s. rh , s. forward, cr. forward). However his footsies are lousy (how quick he can adjust his spacing).

Gief has s. strong, s. jab , s. short, cr. short, and s. forward (more effective than you think).

Thank you all you guys for your info. I now have a better idea of the basic differences between T.Hawk and Gief.

btw, I think different people have different interpretations of pokes and footsies, but here’s what I think:

Pokes are simple moves (normals or specials, e.g., fireball), and good pokes have better hitbox/priority or less hittable box, faster startup, better hit stun, etc…
Footsies are the execution of pokes and are involving spacing between the characters.

T.Hawks is one of the few characters with 6 button footsies… =/

learn both. it’ll help your gameplay.

Zangief requires skill; T hawk is pure mashing/guessing with no combos, take your pick.

What does that mean?
So, what makes a good poke? Would T. Hawk’s s. H be a good poke? I use that often to kinda keep my opponent away if he gets close.

I’d say Hawk has a few 4-6 matchups, too: Juri, Sagat, and Chun-Li. if you can Condor Dive the fireballs, you can take the match, but a smart opponent using any of those three characters are going to have complete control of the pace of the match.

I’ve put a bit of time into Zangief. I personally can’t stand his pokes. Maybe they’re better, but I just don’t feel it. Hawk’s sf.HK is just too awesome.