T. Hawk : Sneak Preview Translation..Hilarity Ensues



Another one from which it returns directly from Super Street Fighter II. This Indian of Biblical dimensions, is the personage with hit box more stop of all the than he has in the group, bases his force on the power of his blows. And in spite of not having an ample fan of special movements, four, they are sufficient to give more variety him than another personage who could be understood thus like similar at first sight: Zangief. Hawk has in its Mexican Thypoon the most powerful attack by the damage that inflinge. But the possibilities are diverse, since their other special ones allow him to move with enough more solitude by the scene than one it could imagine seeing his spread. Without going more far, it counts on tomahawk to bust, a blow of down upwards to the purest Shoryuken style: antiaircraft and bendable.

I’m at a loss for words…


I’m lost. What’s this from?


That is hilarious! Well done computer translations :applaud:



The others are worth reading as well. Full of Anti-aircraft properties and and pure style. Other honorable mentions:

Dee Jay: “The Deejay Jamaican arrives direct from Super Street Fighter II. It, next to T.Hawk, both was damaged in the initial establishment of Street Fighter IV, that recovered to old woman glories but it forgot these two.”

Makoto :“Tanden Renki is the Super ones of Makoto, ignites that it until putting it red like a tomato.”

Dudley: “With they gentleman of the tax exemption Street Fighter closes the participation of Third Strike in the last revision of the fourth delivery. Dudley was another one of the great awaited names”


Amazing translation, LOL! And yet as ridiculous as that whole thing sounds, it all somehow makes sense… XD

Forget Shoryukens, T. Hawk is anti-AIRCRAFT… AND he’s bendable!