T.Hawk Space Occupancy Guide

The Following Guide is a list of T.Hawks space occupancy for all of his moves. What this means is how many Sqaures, also commonly known as blocks, he occupies when a move is exucuted. Keep in mind that just because a move covers X amount of space, this does not mean that the moves attack box is that big. This is just expliaining how far a move is.

Conversion; 3 Background Blocks= 1 Ground Block

Stance; Neutral
6 Blocks Across
4 Blocks Vertical

Jump; Neutral
10 Blocks

6 Across
2 Vertical

Jump; Forward
Peak; 10+

Ground Advancement- 2 GROUND BLOCKS

Normals; T.Hawks command normals are excluded

Jab-Far 3
Strong Far 3.5 Blocks
Feirce Far 4 Blocks
Cr.Jab 3 Blocks
Cr.Strong 3 Blocks
Cr.Fierce 3 Blocks
Jm. Jab 2 Blocks
Jm. Strong 2 Blocks
Jm. Fierce 2.5

Short Far 3 Blocks
Forward Far 2.5 Blocks
Roundhouse Far 5 Blocks
Cr.Short 2 Blocks
Cr.Forward 3.5
Cr.Roundhouse 6 Blocks
Jm Short 1 Block
Jm Forward 3 Blocks
Jm Roundhouse 3 Blocks

Special Moves Ultra 1 is excluded

DP- Light
Peak; 8 Blocks
Ground Advancement; 1 Ground Block

Dp Medium
Peak; 10 Blocks
Ground Advancement; 2 Ground Blocks

DP Heavy
Peak; 10 Blocks
Advancement; 3 Ground Blocks

Peak 10 Blocks
Advacement; 2.5 Ground Blocks

Spire Light; 1 Ground Block

Spire Medium; 1.5 Ground Blocks

Spire Heavy; 2 Blocks

Spire EX; 1.5 Blocks

Condor Dive EX IS THE SAME
Lowest Peak Ground Advancement; 1 Ground Blocks
Highest Peak Ground Advancement; 4 Ground Blocks

Ultra 2
Peak 10 Blocks
Ground Advancemnt; 1 Ground Block

This guide was completed on 9/15/2011 and does not reflect any changes that may exist in SF4AE2012