T Hawk Super Guide: Prototype Version

Hey guys; I’ve been hard at work creating what I like to call “The T-Hawkuments”; basically a T Hawk bible containing all safe jumps, oki setups, OSs, blockstrings, and matchup info. Oh, and of course gimmicks :D. A lot of this info comes from personal testing and lurking this board, so much of it is as much yours as it is mine. Anyways, at the moment it is still very incomplete and there is a lot of work left to do.

I was just wondering if the community would like me to post a version of it on Google Docs so that we can all edit it and work on it together. I mean we aren’t exactly an enormous, bustling group with a sizable centralized information database, so it couldn’t hurt. I wanted to include everyone so that hopefully our player base can become more knowledgeable and make us all best buddies and shit. Who knows, maybe when it’s all finished it can be stickied for all future Hawks to see. If any of this sounds like a good idea to YOU, please let me know. If not, I’ll gladly continue to work on it by myself and hoard all of our collective wisdom. Thanks for your time. Love,

Bonesaw <3


I like this idea a lot. What would be nice as if someone made subject lines and then the community inputs there. Its kind of like what we do on the thread but its much easier to access and manage. And then after someones input they just put their name as the end of the information. If you see and I see then this is a very good idea and I am 100% for it. If you keep it to 4-5 people per subject matter, it can be a very useful tool. Something I know I would use. It beats me brining my notebook everywhere I do. If I see something at a tournament that I think would be beneficial information I could just go online and put it on googledocs

thats sick ideia

I like this idea a whole lot. Definitely in for helping as much as I can x]

good shit dude that should be fixed

I will revise the lists a little bit if you don’t mind.

There’s a reason that it’s publicly editable, so no worries. Though we may disagree on some points. Either way, I want this to be a collaborative effort. Feel free to revise and add as you see fit; it is obviously far from complete.

Awesome idea. Thanks for starting this document!

Ill put some of my contribution. If people change it to what they think is better or “correct” its all good

In the future, anyone that changes it should post what they did here. At least which sections were edited. I’ll start:
-Big updates to Sagat and Hakan
-Small updates to Rose, Blanka, and Honda

Edit: I would really appreciate help with Chun Li, Gen, Makoto, and Sakura.

Im an advocate of just putting their name on the side of what they editied

I accept

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This is a really good guide to have. Kudos for starting it. Shall we start adding more detailed writeups on matchups now? Or will we just stick with the bullet points for the time being?

If you feel like you can explain the matchup better in such a way, than feel free to post like that. Personally, I prefer bullet points so I can review it quickly before I play a certain matchup, but that’s just a preference. Any addition is a good addition.

We did something like this on the Makoto forums, the AEMAKOTO guide. We made a new account and shared the password between about five people, then went to town with the setups, okizeme, combos, block strings, anti-airs, match-up knowledge, extensive lists into Karakusa/Tsurugi, and in general how to play her. It’s always a work in progress, and the best part is, at least for me personally, it levels the writers up as much as the readers! Testing out setups and finding OSs can do wonders for your overall game.

The mods are really cool with stuff like that. If you guys did something like that, you could get it stickied in a heartbeat. Just make sure to make literally around 15 reserved posts, if you do.

Oh, I wasn’t aware. I’ll make sure to check it out, thanks for the heads up!

Edit: Just checked it out and holy shit; that is some serious business. All of us Hawks should go and look at that; THAT is the end goal. However, for now we should continue down the google doc route until our guide is more developed. It’s really easy to edit and moderate.

I added all match up variables. I included what the Best case situation is and the worst case. Here is an example using another character:

Seth Zangeif

High 9/1
This is the best case situation for a seth player where a High caliber player plays a low caliber player

Low 7/3
This is the worst cast situation if the Seth player is high caliber and the Zangeif player is high caliber

I also added the overall advantage and disadvantage on a easy understandable scale of Low Medium and High

I did some minor formatting on the document to make it more readable.

That’s great; thank you very ,much.

If someone could do what I dont want to do, Re write the normal guide I wrote and/or show me how to copy it on the application itself?