T.Hawk Telaport Glitch (Part 2)




This is actually farther than the known SPD glitch.


I don’t get it.

Would you like to explain?


If you do a LP SPD in the corner the game pushes T Hawk out far enough so he has space to do a splash mixup. I think it’s triggered by the “throw” code and the width space created from the boundary of the right side of the screen) is determined by either the throw distance or the widest point on both characters hitboxes or something.

It’s sort of a glitch that works in his favor. It sets him up for a mixup and gets him out of the corner. Who knows, could be completely intentional and one of Capcom’s secret buffs that nobody would figure out for years.

If you want to have a clearer explanation, just go into training and put yourself in the corner. Note that you’re right next to the wall. Do LP SPD and magically you’re like 4 squares from the corner.


There are no SPDs in the video, just normal throws, but I can see how Hawk is pushed out of the corner now.


This happens off of a LP SPD too. The video was on front page of event hubs a year or so ago…


Very interesting. Never seen that before.


Great tip Thanks!


I used this against some friends in offline matches, thanks for the tip!


I don’t think this is a glitch per se. It’s just the throw animation pushing him forward against the wall.