T. Hawk Thread.


I’ve really been getting into using T. Hawk. So, I decided to make a thread.

To kick off discussion: N. Hawk or O. Hawk? I’m really big on O. Hawk personally, because I don’t find myself needing to use the super very often (if you get in on a person with Hawk, you’re usually good to go), and the added perks of invincible DP plus having S. Strong and S. Roundhouse hit mid as opposed to high really augment his game. I hear that O. Hawk has better crossups, too - can anyone with Yoga Book Hyper look over the hitbox differences on the moves, or perhaps the damage, if there is a difference?

Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo beginner thread



Oh, brother…my bad.


t.hawks 360+p

normally i have a hard time doing this move but for some reason if i do a half circle motion then press punch and input the rest of the motion ending at up it almost always works

i dont have this problem with zangiefs throws… just hawk

do other t.hawk players do this?


dont worry we all have the same problem lol. THe timing is different because hawk does not have a whiff animation for his grab


Uh, that wouldn’t make the timing different. It’s tighter because Hawk has less jump startup frames.


Have a question about the standing 360 and the negative 360(or safe 360 with punch release)

With Gief I can’t do this on command every time but, I do it a lot easier than T.Hawk. Now, I have read above that Hawk gets off the ground faster so you have to do it quicker. So for the standing 360 with Hawk is Forward-Down-Back-Up the best way to do it? The only way?

With the negative punch or release punch. Can I hold the punch button down as long as I want? Example: j.LP, hold LP, s.MK, 360 release LP? Thats just an example but I also am wondering if I can move around and use other attacks while still holding the same punch or does it have to be the same one I just ticked with.

Long Live the Hawk and thanks for the help above in this thread already :smiley:


Sure, if you’re gonna do a standing 360, toward-down-back-up (or back-down-toward-up) is about the only way to do it. Most of the time, though, hawk players tend to tick off of C.Lp or C.Mp, and do a 360 such that they end in defensive crouch; this is because, since Hawk doesn’t have a whiff animation, he’ll just block if the opponent does anything else except get grabbed.


This might be old news to people, but I talk about walk up SPDs here:

and button release ticking here



Good shit, zass and reko.

One thing I just wanted to mention about O. Hawk, is that I actually have had a lot of success using S.Hk as an anti-air, as long as they jump in from far away. Other than that, this Hawk stuff is pretty much where it’s at. The only thing you get with N.Hawk is a super, which, by the time you have it, a normal 360 will probably kill them off. Since O.Hawk has virtually everything else going for him, I’m down with O.Hawk all day.


A couple other things to note:

When you’re waking up and the opponent is anywhere near you, you should do negative edge 360 just in case. There’s no penalty if he’s ungrabbable, but if he is, he gets grabbed.

Crouching fierce is a great way to beat crossups, Blanka balls, and air attacks from right on top of you. It also has way longer range at the end than you might think, and at the right range and timing it beats or trades with every other low move out there.

Crouching roundhouse basically rules the bottom of the screen. The move stays out for a long time, which is a drawback in the wrong range, but while it’s out it’ll beat or trade with just about anything, and if it trades you still win because you get a knockdown.


Thanks to work (*@#$%@#$^@) I had to miss EVO…

Anyone get decently far with Hawk? Just wanted to see who was repping him there and if anyone did well or had some nice victories.


Zass & I played Some Hawk v Gief in some EVO casuals. He peaced me out several times… It was a blast to play. Zass hit the corner/safe jump trap several times, once your in it, a strong sense of panic sets in…LOL


Is there any use at all for his jumping d+strong Elbow? I cannot figure any use for this, except I saw K use O.Hawks j. d+strong repeatedly in a T.Hawk mirror match vs. Toutanki…


I just read in the old T. Hawk thread that (O) Hawk’s s.hk hits low?? :wtf: How is that even possible? He kicks them in the face.


It’s not that it hits low, it’s that it hits opponent who are crouching. N Hawk’s goes right over, so O Hawk’s is way better.

  • O. Hawk
    Keep in mind that both close and far standing RH will not hit crouching Blanka nor Cammy. Bison on the other hand can only get hit by close standing RH and not far, while he is crouching.


So i’m thinking of making o.hawk my second char. Can someone give me some basic strats, bnb and ticks?


You pretty much got all the needed information for O.Hawk in this thread.

http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=57330 - Look for Drunken Master’s post in that thread, a great post.

If you’re not down with the Negative Edge - read Teahawk blogspot, some posts above - it’s a really good tutorial for being able to pull off consistent and totally safe SPD attempts.


even though T-Hawk is not 1 of my main I always love playing T-Hawk. In fact I think I like him more than any other SF characters especially when he has the Mexican Typhoon move & its super.
Back to the old days where I played SF in the 90’s I’ve never seen anyone pick any of the old characters before. I don’t think we even knew how to pick them.

How does O.Hawk better than N.Hawk?? Which moves make O.Hawk better??:confused:

btw I was & still am absolutely disgusted & shock to see the animated director make Ken win over T-Hawk in the SF animated movie (all char’s speak Jap). What a disgrace.:annoy::annoy: