T. Hawk Tutorial#1 : Condor Dive cross up

I made a video on a Condor Dive cross up after a 360 light punch :


I will enjoy your feedbacks. :slight_smile:

Good video! Solid information on how and when to use it. His cross up CD is definitely something I dont use often enough. Might be nice to throw it in once a round just to keep them on their toes. Yeah its unsafe on block but thank capcom for giving Hawk such beefy health that we can afford to make a few gambles.

very risk but in a good mixup… can work

Try to find a consistent way to do j.LP xx cross-up dive, would be sweet.

I think this is great. It keep the person guessing if you trying to cross up or not

This and your two other videos are great and very helpful! Please make more for new-school T. Hawks like myself!

Thanks Dedemaru, I will make a new video soon.:wink:

Apologies, but I don’t see this being useful to do on opponents wake up. As you’ve shown in the video, it’s easy to reversal out of, and it also leaves you open to a combo if it’s blocked (Since it’s easily telegraphed by T.Hawk jumping straight up in the air, it’s not hard to read.)

T.Hawks’ Jumping D.FP seems to work just fine for cross-ups, without having to leave yourself open so much.

Although I have found cross up dives to be useful, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use them against downed opponents.

with it being a Condor Dive the nature of the move is that it’s just unsafe on block, but when the opponent is in the corner it’s a slightly better application to use it as a wake-up crossover. it’s not as easy to read and if it does land, Hawk’s rebound is shortened due to him being blocked by the wall. this allows you to go for a Splash crossover or another Condor Dive to build meter and get out of the corner.

another really nice application is using it while initially walk towards. it appears more ambiguously, but when using the EX version it makes you safe to most normals if it blocked (not to mention the added 30 damage). i’m not going to say that this is a completely safe technique, because i’m pretty sure Super, EX, and Ultra projectiles will still hit you if the Condor Dive is blocked, EX or not.