T. Hawk Tutorial#2 : Safe Jump Medium Kick

I come back this time with a Safe Jump video. Doesn’t work on 3 frames reversal.


Good stuff, again. Reminds me that I don’t use standing or jumping MK enough at all.

Whoa, I need to start doing this!

It should be noted he take a small step back in the video to make it no cross up. Without the step you will cross up and bad things may happen(not at home just a work going off memory)

More of these planned, by chance? Thinking that a full series of these may be able to get on the front page of SRK. And more T. Hawk recognition is a good thing (b^_^)b

I just posted a new tutorial, a new safe jump. :slight_smile:

As a Thawk user, Thank you for posting this. Every bit of information help!!

Nice find! Finally I can safely pressure Chun Lis, Guys and Deejays on wakeup. This safe jump works on Blanka’s upball and electricity as well(!!), unfortunately Capcom still refuses to give us a punish for blocked upball in AE.

Nice find. Was practicing this last night and on some reversals make this a 1 frame safe jump! Put the mk out too early and you get beaten by some 4 and 5 framers. Put the mk out late and it can often whiff all together, but you are at least safe from everything bar a throw attempt. Other thing that makes the timing tricky is the slight walk back before the jump - walk even a fraction too far and you get blown up by a 4-5 framer…go too early and it’s obvious you are trying to bait a reversal. I like the find, but not sure I 100% like that 2 variables need to be spot on every time vs certain characters. I’m going to keep practicing it, but not sure I can see it changing Hawks game drastically right now.