T. Hawk Tutorial#3 : Safe Jump Heavy Body Press



Safe Jump Heavy Body Press after 360 Light Punch. Works on 3 frames reversals and more. Doesn’t work only on few characters (Makoto, Guy, Dee Jay, Blanka, Zangief).



Only thing that is real new to me is that it won’t hit Dee Jay. Can’t figure that one out. Anyways, good stuff yet again. While the other two videos were nice, I really feel the cross up body press is one of the foundations of solid T. Hawk play, along with footsies and the ability to keep the opponent grounded.

Keep on spreading the good word of T. Hawk! : D


Maybe you can find an another setup for Dee Jay, like I found one for Makoto, the SetUp is a little different. Maybe I will make a video showing Heavy Body Press Safe Jump on this characters, if I find good stuff.


Just seems like at the angle Dee Jay attacks, there should be a way to safe it. Then again I haven’t spent much time against him


What do you mean by “dash forward and cross them down”? because almost every time I go for this cross up they try and jump which puts them airborne for the hit and I don’t know how to punish this…also are you buffering the full circle into anything in these videos or just imputing it really fast?


I like how you use the LP to “buffer” timing.


It can be also safe from MP 360 but otherwise good work french T. Hawk :smiley:


So it all about the timing?


Played around with a friend. Couldn’t figure anything out. Oh well.

Luckily, nobody uses Dee Jay :smiley:


Drummerkilz06, the opponent sometimes airborne, it’s normal, after the airborne you can cross down some characters.

I don’t understand, you means to do the reversals?


What do you mean by cross down?


Like a cross up, but you pass under the opponent, in EU we use this term, not in USA ?

I’m working on a new video. :wink:


ok, and what should i do after the hit?


You want him spoon feed you answers?

Its up to you. There is no right or wrong thing to do…

Basiclly this video shows how to do Cross-Up splash which a lot of have failed to do including myself we assume that people should know how to safe jump splash but…Eh…

Cross-up splash also catchs people trying to go under the safe jump with say a back dash or something like that. If you time it really really late against characters with directional DPs (Adon, Guile for example) you will actually hit them really late out of it and it will cause a mid screen reset you are still on frame advantage so it still creates an OKI situation.


The safe jump online is a tad difficult to time since it’s only a few frames gap on 3 frame reversals. However offline it’s much easier to time.

Since I’ve played gief in super, if you know how to do his safe jump cross up splash you’ll be able to pull it off with a little bit of practice.


What about Juri’s EX spinning attack? I don’t remember being able to stop that.


I use this alot now. Thanks.