T. Hawk Tutorial#4 : Close Medium Punch to Tomahawk

New video, a little different than the others.
It’s T. Hawk’s Bnb. After a Heavy Body Press, do a Close Medium Punch that can cancel into Tomahawk Buster. This combo makes a lot of damages. But in some situations, the Tomahawk whiff.


PS : You can now watch some Hawk’s replays on my youtube channel.

i’ve been doing this since I picked up T. Hawk.

If you’re in the corner it’s better to hit-confirm ex-condor spire, then ex-tomahawk > EX Follow up. 415 damage. You’ll usually have a ton of meter by the time you get them in the corner. 3 Meters , almost half health.

Plus you still get great positioning to keep pokes/offense up.

Delicious spacing. Perfect range for a light spire. I love spacing with thawk.