T.hawk Tutorial: buffering

This may be something new, this may be something old but I wanted to put this up regardless for those who would like more informant on T.Hawk. If you are not hardcore then you don’t really need to read through this. I am going to try to make this short.

For those who don’t know when you press a button in sf4 you are actually doing to button presses. The press down is one, the release is another.

With this in mind T.Hawk has the ability to buffer moves off on condor spire into other moves just by keeping the button pressed down, doing the input, then releasing it.

By using this technique of buffering, which is not an exactly a new thing but not a lot of people know, you can make condor spire actually safer to do because you have time to see how your opponent responds to you doing the move. I made a video showing this


You can also use this in Jab spd situations.

You do the jab and do 360 situations where you do the block strong then hold down the button of the spd you want to do. If your opponent sits there, do the spd. If they do something besides sit there, you can do something else in response to their action, making your 50.50 situations more of a guarantee rather than a guess.

Other source material for those interested, some of which applies to sf4


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