T. Hawk Ver. 2012

Like last year when AE came out there was a thread about the upcoming changes and predictions. Anyone want to take a shot? The developer change log came out way sooner than I expected so we should be seeing Hawk changes tonight or Wednesday night!

I have no idea what to expect except what we’ve all wished for. Characters in part 1 have been buffed for the most part so unless Capcom throws a curve we should be getting something cool. Personally buffing damage across the board doesn’t sit well for me because I wish the matches would go on longer so the players have more time to strategize instead of (possibly) getting steamrolled.

One of the key points in Zangief’s changes were the lowering of his hitbox for cr. RH/sweep. I had been saying that Hawk needs this change for months and sent it to Ono for a suggestion. Hawk is too easily knocked out of sweep by pokes that don’t even reach his visible body. Gief also got MORE stun on his LP 360 so he may end up being the better choice over Hawk (not that he wasn’t already on some scale).

Sim got buffed all around so that fucked up 9-1 match isn’t getting better unless Hawk gets something. Viper got some serious nerfs (YESSSSSS!) so sustainability should be better.

I can’t wait. Even my alt Ken got buffed a little bit.

OMG BLANKA GOT BUFFED! honda, sim and fucking guile too

if t hawk doesnt received bad ass buffs i will learning a new character, sorry hawk

The 3rd time I read the change notes I said the same thing. Almost every character on that page already has an advantage over Hawk and they all got buffs. Final straw- for real this time!


I don’t think any changes they realistically will make would be so severe that people on this forum will drop playing Hawk. I’m expecting good things and changes that make sense from what I’ve seen of the changes made to other characters.
I don’t think the drastic changes that we’ve been hoping for (changed inputs for Condor Spire as an example) are going to make it, but I think (/hope) that on the whole we all walk away feeling that they’re making some nice changes to our character that will hopefully balance out the changes that they made to our worst match ups today.

So that means Hawk would get a significant buff if he’s going to try and match the already better characters…I don’t think so here’s why:

On some imaginary scale- 10 being “best in the game” Let’s say
Blanka = 6
Hawk = 2

So in Ver. 2012 they make Blanka a 7, so that means Hawk would now be a 6 or better.

I don’t think that’s going to happen.

They should make his u2 like guile’s u1 and not just be a weird airthrow that is not really all that good. Change that to double qcf or even dbl qcb and the move becomes way easier and more viable.

I also want it to be a death sentence to be in the air against hawk

Otherwise i like t hawk. Destroying yuns and yangs is fun with the big mexican

I’m pretty sure what’s going to happen is Hawk will move up to a 5 on my example imaginary scale but everyone else moving up he’ll basically be in the same position he is now. He needs something major. 10 damage on FP or something like that isn’t going to cut it.

Sorry, I may not have been too clear on what I meant. I don’t think they’re going to even out our match ups, but we’re looking at the same magnitude of change that Blanka got today with his changes.

Additionally - and I’m not trying to argue here - but I don’t think that Hawk is that low on the scale. Truth be told, if Blanka is 6 right now I would say Hawk is probably at lowest a 3 or 4 - sure he has a few brutal match ups but otherwise he’s got some pretty nice stuff going for him.

Seems like these changes are pretty minimal at the moment and the ryu being able to combo full u2 is a pretty good buff imo. I really don’t think they nerfed viper at all. just decreasing her damage and not changing any of her properties is not a nerf. If anything giving her a bigger hitbox on her u1 is a buff even if it lost 40 dmg. This will probably mean that she will be able to combo anything into u1. they really needed to add some recovery frames on her air flame kicks, that would have been a good nerf for her.

As for chun, giving her a 150 stun sweep is stupid imo because her sweep comes out really fast, has really far range and isn’t really punishable on block.

At the moment, I don’t think hawk is going to get anything that will make any of us happy.

In my opinion Hawk is pretty solid and his problem isn’t that he’s weak overall or needs buffing, it’s that he’s the worst character in the game for 7 specific match ups due to his fundamental character design. All of those characters are most likely in line for buffs so I don’t see his position improving in 2012. If anything I predict that it will be worse.

It’s kind of silly, they nerfed it down to 100 which was a fair amount of stun for a normal that good only to revert it back up to it’s super value :[ Stupid Chun…

I guess we’ll see how everyone is feeling later this week about the changes, call me naive but I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

Strong Tomahawk Buster having a better horizontal hit box would be a pretty good buff, imo. You could convert way better on jab (2nd close jab), jab xx TB if strong version worked on all characters. Also, low short being + 4 on hit would help for empty jump lows into jab xx Strong TB.

We’ll see, though.

Sounds to me like someone knows something…:slight_smile:

What would you like to know, good sir? I pretty much live in the lab with Hawk (can’t get too many matches in, but I use them for testing all the lab work) and I’m always willing to share/discuss tech with any character.

No I was implying that you knew something only the devs knew, like insider scoop on what to expect.

chun li must be the most underrated top tier in history of fighting games lmao, shes soo solidm you dont see any of them in big tournaments, maybe for counter pick zangief only like rick did in evo 2010

I just finished losing to a blanka, that match up ain’t Really fair :’(, but yea it would be cool is U2 inputs was like hakans U2 inputs. And also I think he needs all his spire to Armor break and buff the start up of his light dp, and the buff the range on his Hdp so it can work on all cast (asking for too much?)

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There a saying in Chinese which roughly translates to: “If you have no expectations, you will have no disappointments”.

That’s the mentality I am adopting as I await the patch notes.