T.Hawk Vs Fuerte



Being a Fuerte player, I’ve never had a problem ever beating a T.Hawk. I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t faced an adequate T.Hawk who knows how to fight Fuerte or what, but I never seem to have trouble with him no matter how skilled he seems to be.

Honestly, I find that Fuerte has so many things that can easily shut down T.Hawk it’s ridiculous. I have no problem using my guacs to take down anything he does in the air, my body slams seem to punish practically all of the tomahawk like moves he does, he seems to have a really hard time even getting in on Fuerte to use his throws, T.Hawk is very easy to bait and punish, etc. I swear, Fuerte is a bad match-up for T.Hawk.

However, every tier list I see seems to list T.Hawk as being on equal terms with Fuerte. I don’t get it.

I’d like to know what, exactly, T.Hawk has to use against Fuerte. Hell, if you will, I’d like to see one of you post a video of an adequate T.Hawk beating an adequate Fuerte. I’m actually curious to know what you T.Hawk players think of this match-up.


My only experience with a really really good Fuerte is playing against Kai at AI and I get rocked. It’s a tough one for me to, not sure how to get out of his loops.


Fuerte is random. Like with every matchup. Besides characters like blanka who give him a shit ton of trouble starting his mix ups. If he gets a knockdown its all random.

With that said I think hawk wins 6-4. You ever see the damage fp typhoon does to him? Shit hurts. Plus fuerte gets thrown out of all his wake up options besides backdash.


So? Anyone can hurt Fuerte badly if they can get in on him. Fuerte’s health is, of course, shit but that’s why the people who play with him have to compensate and learn how to deal with it. After all, the character who does the most damage isn’t necessarily the strongest. In which case grapplers would always dominate fighters.

I’m not really sure what you mean by Fuerte being “random”. Are you implying that Fuerte’s strategy against T.Hawk is to be completely random rather than having a focused plan against T.Hawk and knowing how to deal with him? I don’t really find the match-up “random” since I always know the sort of stuff to expect from T.Hawk.

I never had any wake up problems against T.Hawk. EX Guac makes me pretty safe against anything T.Hawk could do to me upon wake-up. Throws are a good option for Fuerte against T.Hawk upon wake up. Hell, I’d be able to avoid pretty much anything that T.Hawk does by jumping away from him granted I’m not in a corner.

To me, the match-up feels like it’s 6-4 in Fuerte’s favor.


So youre telling you me your going to zone with fuerte? You have to get in close too you know.

Fuerte in itself is a random character. You run and press a button and for the most part your safe. Yeah you gotta bait shit out absolutely but the same is true for everyone else. Fuerte is just a lot safer than most characters.

Ex guac can be safe jumped REALLY easily and can be hit in his recovery. I dont know what hawks are waiting to jump at you as your getting up giving you time to EX guac but clearly theyre bad ones. Neutral throw is a bad option on wake up against a lot of characters sans fuerte. I dunno why youd think itd be good against hawk, even more so playing AS fuerte. and no you cant get out of anything hawk can throw at you by jumping away. welcome to day one ignorance about hawk.


I agree with DrewTheDude. This is definitely a matchup in El Fuerte’s favor. Especially if you are talking about high level players. Once El Fuerte knocks Hawk down, it’s pretty much lucky guesses for Hawk. Big damage doesn’t mean anything if you can’t go on the offensive.


Every matchup with fuerte is like that. Well hope we can get a knockdown and then make them guess wrong. Also hawk gets a life lead and can sit on it. Fuerte has to guess a ridiculous amount of times more than hawk does. One fp typhoon is like 2 1/2 tortillas. Matchup is 6-4 hawk. Fuerte is just a random ass fuckin character and can make any matchup look bad if he guesses right.


I always feel like backdash —> 360 on wakeup gets me out of a lot of Fuerte’s B/S


the match seems 5 - 5 to me Playing other grapplers with fuerte can be very annoying.
Fuerte in itself is a random character. You run and press a button and for the most part your safe. Yeah you gotta bait shit out absolutely but the same is true for everyone else. Fuerte is just a lot safer than most characters.

I’m a fuerte main myself and his shit IS NOT SAFE tosdada press can get hit on its recover hell you could ultra1 a wiffed tosdada.

His air moves? you can U2 them all day. Tortilla? U2, Tosdada? U2, Fajita buster? U2. You want to run slide againt Thawk? Thawk can block throw you into the pavement. Only reason this is even is because Fuerte can run away easy and counter thawks moves easy. Who ever gets life lead in this game I believe would be the winner. Safe tortilla rapes Thawk pretty hard. Fuerte isn’t really random though He’s a character that conditions you to react in a certain way and then capitalizes on it. Just like many other chars do. Fuerte just has more options on oki making it more difficult but you can make him guess on his wake up as well as he doesn’t have Shoryuken! and if you bait EX guac he’s getting a face plant into the ground.