T.Hawk XBOX Live Leaderboards (Top 5 only)

I will try to update this Bi-Weekly. Bi Weekly shows a better change in stats

August 26th 2011


  1. aaCA4LAaa 15570 (1098PP) A
  2. koujiKOG 0104 15250 (4968PP) A
  3. FuzzyPhi **15229 ***(5016PP) *A
  4. IncognitusNG **15171 ***(3506PP) *A
  5. dl0222 **15102 ***(3156PP) *A

North America

  1. Edrick2 13877 (3457P) B+
  2. A1M1GHTYMALACH1 13275 (2760PP) B+
  3. smokemonster2 11492 (3213PP) B+
  4. Joe Lewis NJ 10970 (3366PP) B+
  5. GEToverHEREnow 10458 (2831PP]) B+


  1. aaCA4LAaa 15570 (1098PP) A
  2. koujiKOG 0104 15250 (4968PP) A
  3. FuzzyPhi **15229 ***(5016PP) *A
  4. dl0222 **15102 ***(3156PP) *A
  5. ink7 **14839 ***(3250PP) *A


  1. incognitus NG **15171 **(3506PP) * *A
  2. Angie De Winter 15013 (2869PP) * * *A
  3. Bruce729 13422 (4114PP) B+
  4. Mr KOFF MKDD 12072 (3495PP) B+
  5. Itabari X 8378 (2566PP) B

Angie De Winter is Europe, not America so she is omitted from US leader boards.
Only 1 Us player is in the Top 10
Japan has the highest representation in the top 10 with 6 players
Top 4/5 are from Japan
Koujis Xbox live account has recorded less than 1000 games.


<_< I need to grind it out harder. I play too many other characters lol. I have like a 5k bison, 4k sagat, 3k honda, and a 5k Gief.

I wonder who these guys are and why they’ve never heard of the SRK Hawk forums…or have they?

Fuzzed Phi does tutorials on here of the hawk stuff. I dont remember the name… Pongyo i think? something like that…

I follow the hawks in different intervals and by far, Fuzzed Phi is foundational the most solid of all of the hawks. Koji is good, dont get me wrong, but he does a lot of things fundamentally that I dont agree with. A big example is that he mashs during everything… In a game with a buffer system this liant, you dont have to mash. This is the top five for me personally…


Bottom two are debatable but definitly the top 3 are correct for me. I can’t consider myself during any of them but I am #1 when it comes to the biggest turtle.

You definitely win the Turtle award. Our few sets you had to have played the lamest hawk I have ever seen. Still that’s a good quality on high level. Patience plus me are still at war :s

I completely understand. Be like Koji-… His yomi is nuts.

( I never knew how to rush down with T.Hawk … FUN FACT )

I can’t wait until I get back to school so I have some stable online to play with. While I feel as mentally fit as ever with my T. Hawk, I’m probably too far removed from actual opponents to do anything worthwhile.

I just don’t want to play ranked matches anymore. During my time of getting dominated while choosing random select, I ended up with 666PP. That seemed like a good stopping point :smiley:

Updating this tommorow.

why the fuck does this matter?

You do know that these are XBOX LIVE LEADERBOARDS, right?

How about you show me T. Hawk tournament results instead, you know, something that matters.

I’m getting up there for NA, I’ve got around 7200 bp I think.

A lot of things come into place as far as these leaderboards are concerned.

  1. The Xbox live community have the deepest and much better community than PSN. The Leaderboards reflect a much better idea of who are the better players really are. This is not even arguable. You look at the top 200 of both games and it just does not even compare.

  2. This is a fun thing for the entire community to be a part of especially on the American/UK side.

You are sounding like me. In the long stream of things it does not matter but its a fun thing for the community to be a part of. You are sounding like me or something =/

I am not getting into an argument with someone from TFA (which I am assuming you are based on your links) because I have a lot of respect for your organization and I want to keep my opinion of you AND your orginization positive.

If you don’t like this idea then don’t read it, simple enough.

Again while you are reading about this I want to stress I am not getting into an arguement with you. If your reply has something trying to challenge this I will not read it. Put it in my inbox.

…I respect that, enjoy grinding your points fellas.

And Joe, keep trying to get more of these dudes to tournaments! If Wolfkrone can get 5kPP and then just walk to Majors and stomp people, you can too! >:O

Update completed at 4:18pm Eastern

Joe I always find it fun to play you, get on xbl tonight at like 2am if possible. We must train for summer jam!

For your knowledge, Angie de Winter is a French 30yo woman :smiley:

Tournaments would all great…if they had some in minnesota that are not 3+hrs away.

Updates are completed


  1. koujiKOG 0104 16151 (5348PP) A
  2. aaCA4LAaa 15570 (1902PP) A
  3. FuzzyPhi **15474 ***(5160PP) *A
  4. IncognitusNG **15007 ***(3649PP) *A
  5. dl0222 **15102 ***(3606PP) *A

North America
2. Edrick2 14545 (4323PP) B+

  1. A1M1GHTYMALACH1 14859 (3219PP) B+
  2. smokemonster2 14012(3684PP) B+
  3. Joe Lewis NJ 10970 (2653PP) B+
  4. Native Impact 10823 (2300PP) B+


  1. koujiKOG 0104 16151 (5348PP) A
  2. aaCA4LAaa 15570 (1902PP) A
  3. FuzzyPhi **15474 ***(5160PP) *A
  4. dl0222 **15102 ***(3606PP) *A
  5. ink7 **14839 ***(3250PP) *A


  1. IncognitusNG **15007 ***(3649PP) *A
  2. Angie De Winter 2687 (2687PP) * A
  3. Bruce720 13238 (3781PP) B+
  4. Mr KOFF MKDD 12784 (3284PP) B+
  5. Itabari X 9322 (2573PP) B

Boards updated, Can’t switch around the american 213 thing for w/e reason.

Should go:

  1. A1M1GHTYMALACH1 14859 (3219PP) **B+
    **2. Edrick2 14545 (4323PP) B+
  2. smokemonster2 14012(3684PP) B+
  3. Joe Lewis NJ 10970 (2653PP) B+
  4. Native Impact 10823 (2300PP) B+

Just played Edrick2. I was so surprised when I saw it was hawk, then even more surprised when I saw it was an A rank hawk with almost 4000pp. Haha. I dunno if he plays the hawk mirror much, or maybe he likes U1 better. I’d say I’ll try to upload it soon, but I haven’t gotten around to putting up my matches with Hungbee yet and those were from early August… bah.