T. Hawk's hidden technquie (tick throwing)



Hey it’s me Zega again. I feel like i’ve gotten over my personal struggles/walls and hav leveled up my t. hawk to at least an intermediate level of play. I know all my matches ups fairly well and have learned that Neutral jump and focus backdashing has worked wonders agaisnt almost any character. (although no technquie can be used in excess) I’ve even got link’s and combo’s down :smiley:

Anyway it’s takin me a long time…but i’ve finally got the timing to tick throwing down, (jab + SPD) but i still hav a few questions about it

This is my main question, i know ur suppose to throw out T. hawk’s jab and you get a pretty good frame advantage on block and if your oppenet sits there it’s a “free grab” but is it really free? or can your opponent SRK out of it? i normally only perform 1 or 2 tick throws a game cause i’m still fairly new to it. But most of the time i try to bait SRK…and i’m not a very offensive T. hawk but i was just curious if the grab is suppose to be completely free? (what are my oppenets options?)

Anyway! my quest will not stop for T. Hawk! in fact i hope to win at least 2 rounds in final round (this will be my first legit tournament) and show at least 2 players that he’s not someone to fuck with.


theres no tick game like in ST for t hawk in ssf4… all tick throws setups the oponnent can reversal


Of course…that’s why you condition them with finishing a full combo…jab, jab,jab, st lk…whatever. Mix ticks in with that.


^^ You can get reversal-ed out of tick throw set ups in ST


aww…well that’s dissapointing…


That’s why you got to mix it up!!


I hav another question as well actually… aren’t SPD’s suppose to hav higher priority than grabs? and if that’s the case, instead of teching shouldn’t i just be able to reverse SPD it? this never seems to work, and whenever i empty jump to SPD an enemy on xbl they end up throwing me which doesn’t make any sense…

do normal grabs hav higher priority than spd? : /



online play sucks


Hey Zega,

Another alternative to ticking is to use moves that are at a disadvantage. Pick a normal that has -1 or -2 on block, then practice doing 360/Super/Ultra immediately after the move ends. If you mix between following up with Standing Jab and SPD/Super/Ultra, you’ll be able to confuse even high-level players.

Ex. Standing-Close MK

If your opponent does a reversal DP on a -2 move, you’ll be able to block before it hits even if you press Jab afterward. And if your opponent doesn’t do a reversal DP, you have a tick throw that will appear to be deadly fast.

Give it a shot, and see if you evolve something from that :smiley:


One thing I got into my game recently was 3 ticks to LP Typhoon. Condition your opponent with c.lp, s.lp, s.lp c.mk/c.mp/xx ex or mp spire. So we all know 3 ticks does not leave you in range to grab immediately, but s.lp leaves you at +3 on block and you only need to walk a fraction to get lp typhoon. Try c.lp, s.lp, s.lp, walk a fraction, LP Typhoon in training. Seriously you only need to walk the same distance as a small square in training mode and by that time the block stun has finished. If they throw out any normal your throw will always win with good timing.


yep, normal throws wins from spd’s, i know it sucks hard.
it even wins against your super or ultra, sucks even harder.
when i fight a dhalsim and i just need to land 1 ultra to kill him, i do jump in and ultra, but dhalsim just normal throws me away, gdm.
i learned to do spd’s with lp and lk. if they try to grab me it will counter the grab.
to bad i’m a grabler player. if your not and just getting into this game, please never ever use a grabler.
just stay away from grablers man. ssf4 engine hates grablers so it wil rape you all the way.