T.Hawk's Offense

I was bored this morning so I decided to learn T.Hawk. I play a lot of random select and T.Hawk was one of the few characters that I always hated getting. I figured that if I’m going to continue playing random select then I would need to learn T.Hawk at some point. After some experimenting this is what I got so far of his offense:

Your general game plan with T.Hawk should be to score a knockdown. Once you score a knockdown you can begin your offensive loop with splash into cs.MP followed by either hp.TB, mp.TB, ex.CS, or lp.MT. You need to be able to hit confirm off of splash and cs.MP alone. If you hit then follow up with a combo but if you get blocked then follow up with a throw. Here’s what you do after each follow up:

hp.TB/mp.TB- Jump towards your opponent and do a splash. If you did the HP version the splash will cross up and if you did the MP version the splash will not cross up. This is a very ambiguous setup.

ex.CS- Walk towards your opponent then jump and do a splash. Depending on how far you walked your splash will either cross up or not. This is pretty much like the TB setup but if you mess up your hit confirm then ex.CS is much safer.

lp.MT- Jump or walk towards your opponent then jump and do a splash. If you jumped in place then you won’t cross up but if you walked first then jumped then you will cross up. This is the least ambiguous setup and is best used only if your splash into cs.MP got blocked.

A good way to mix this up is with empty jumps. Empty jump into lp.MT or c.LK xx hp.TB/mp.TB. Something to keep in mind is that if your opponent doesn’t quick stand after getting knocked down by TB or CS it will throw off your timing. In that case you basically need to improvise after your splash whiffs against a still grounded opponent. Also splash seems to be inconsistent with beating reversals. Although with the cross up splash setups I listed it’s very hard to get an auto correct reversal.

I’m still trying to see if there are any option selects that T.Hawk can do to counter players that mash on jump or back dash after a blocked splash into cs.MP in fear of a lp.MT.


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Anyways, yes, scoring a knocking is a big plus to T. Hawk. The tricky part is following up those knockdowns. You need to keep up the pressure, which can be a bit difficult seeing as how some of the moves that knock down put you at an awkward distance. This is where the condor spire and his magnificent normals come in. Poke, a lot. Especially on opponent’s wakeup. Get them to expect a poke a bait a revesral, then stick your Condor Boot right in their face. Jumping splash is excellent as a cross-up. You can also use that as a combo starter, not that Hawk has many combos to start.

Ultimately, patience and footsies is what you’re often going to use with T. Hawk. You likely aren’t going to be able to outmaneuver the opponent, and there’s virtually no chance in hell you can pull some trickery. You need to beat them straight-up. Good use of normals (my favorites are: s.mp, s.hk, and cr.mk, provided you’re not real close), and a solid defense and Hawk can do some damage. You’ll have to play around a bit with moves like Condor Spire and Condor Dive to see if and how they fit into your style. I can easily go a few matches without ever using either them (and its smart to use Condor Dive sparingly). Just remember to toss in some grabs when you can. Not just command grabs, but normal ones, too. People seem to forget T. Hawk has those.

Also, I like Ultra II, especially if you can establish the command grab early and get opponents to jump back after you jump in. I find it effective for how I play, but your mileage may vary.

I try to keep my gameplay very simple. I actually try to use him as a rushdown character (The goal is to get in close enough to throw), that’s kind of why I like him over geif, better mobility options. But one problem is I cannot do the following :
[]Move in on a blocked CD
]Follow-up after a MT
It may sound easy but I just freeze up like what do I do next? But I do agree with Eyeball the CS is a wonderful special.

Nothing against you but this has already been established as a option of “WTF DO I DO HA DER DER DER” Again, its nothing against you but its been covered before.

The contribution is good but I feel it does not really need a thread for this since its not really…new information?

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