T. i. T 8 / DALLAS TX, / JUNE 13TH 2009

Good evening ladys and gentleman, and I give you the latest instalement in a quality national tournament, T.i.T 8. This is the first time that a Soul Calibur game will be the featured attraction to this event but I am not mad at that, lol. If you haven’t been to a tit before, you need to get there to see what the very best of the nations talent in the game does when they are boxed up in a room with nothing but a controller or joystick to fend off the pretenders. If you have been to one, then you already know :smiley: Below is the is the registration time and prize schedule for the event and the games:

Americas Best Value Inn and Suites
13333 N. Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75234

June 13th is the date
Registration is between 10:30 am and 12:15pm, tourneys starts at 1pm.
Entry into the event will be 15$

Entry into Soulcalibur will be 20$
3rounds, 60 secs, 2/3 games till winners/loser finals… then 3/5

Entry into Tekken will be 10$
2rounds, 60 secs, 2/3 games till winners/loser finals… then 3/5

Entry into VF 5 ( on xbox 360 ) 10$

Entry into street fighter 4 15$
2/3rounds, 99secs, 2/3 games until winners/loser finals, then 3/5 matches of 2/3 rounds.
Sf4 tourny will also be played on 360, just to let you know so have your xbox sticks in hand…

Entry into ttt 10$
2/3rounds, 60secs, 2/3 games the whole way till championship, then 3/5 matches of 2/3 rounds…

reserved for 2d game schedule.

Waiting for the rules.

Edit for question: Will there be any hotel discounts? If not, what are the rates?

Posting around for future reference. Hopefully nothing will be in the way for me that day.

Yeah, it seems as though tit is a long ways away, but think about it like this, it gives the rest of you time to refine your game, and at least make it past the first round. I think Gawd wanted it to be like this, because he doesnt like slaughter, so this time until june, I hope everyone is practicing…

Oh, the price on the rooms I will get back for you but, I am sure its like 45, to 50$ tops man a night, so that is a sweet deal…

Aight back up in this bitch.

Confirmed 2D games are Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core is iffy though. Please post thoughts on GG.

Still working on the schedules.

will the sf4 on 360 have all unlocks?

yes, Ill make sure every xbox played on is up to date.

I’m there! Is prereg going to be available?

I finally managed to pick up a xbox360 stick so I will be attending this. Went into gamestop today to look around and they actually had a SF4 stick. Hyped to finally start being able to play the game. x360 pad is my ball sack. See you guys there.

Fuck 360 altogether. I can’t go out and buy a new stick for a system I don’t own because Texas is ass backwards and decides to do every tournament on the 360.

360 for the sf4? wow… question 1. will you have sticks available to play on for those who play on the normal tourney system(ps3)
cause about 5 of us are willing to travel and only 1 of us has a stick with both ps3/360 adapters.

and whats the prize structure? will the entre fee be going all towards the pot or to the pot and the venue. this should be stated boldly.

I should have my HRAP EX modded just in time for this…