T.i. T 8 welcome back Dallas Tx


Good evening ladys and gentleman, and I give you the latest instalement in a quality national tournament, T.i.T 8. This is the first time that a Soul Calibur game will be the featured attraction to this event but I am not mad at that, lol. If you haven’t been to a tit before, you need to get there to see what the very best of the nations talent in the game does when they are boxed up in a room with nothing but a controller or joystick to fend off the pretenders. If you have been to one, then you already know :smiley: Below is the is the registration time and prize schedule for the event and the games.

Americas Best Value Inn and Suites
13333 N. Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75234

June 13th is the date
Registration is between 10:30 am and 12:15pm, tourney starts at 1pm.

The games thus far will be SoulCalibur 4 and Tekken Dr.
Entry into the event will be 15$

Entry into Soulcalibur will be 20$
3rounds, 60 secs, 2/3 games till winners/loser finals… then 3/5

Entry into Tekken will be 10$
2rounds, 60 secs, 2/3 games till winners/loser finals… then 3/5

Entry into VF 5 ( on xbox 360 ) 10$

Entry into street fighter 4 10$

Entry into ttt 10$
2/3rounds, 60secs, 2/3 games the whole way till championship, then 3/5 matches of 2/3 rounds…

More info comming soon as to more games and whatnot what will be going down…


resevered for 2d tournament schedule.