I bought T-molding for arcade cabinet. I don’t know, how to do working t-molding

I find it internet that good information and too picture.


I remember I used iron heat to T-molding has a glue on wood. that my old arcade cabinet.

I want real T-molding on arcade cabinet. I’ll built a new cabinet. :sweat:

I dont understand the point of this topic.

You want to know how to put the T-molding on an arcade cabinet right? But then you give a link to a site that tells you exactly how to do it, and the site even gives pictures. So doesn’t that site, which you gave a link to, answer your own question?

If the cabinet you have now has some molding that was glued on, then pull it off either by ripping it off or by using a heat gun and pulling slowly. One way might work better than the other depending on the kind of glue that was origionally used. Then once the old molding is off, just follow the directions on that website you gave. Cut a slot around where you want to put the T-molding and then put the new molding in.

all right. thank you for advice. now I understand. I’ll be carefully my T-molding not ripped! :looney:

I have a question. What’s color popular T-molding there arcade? What you think color T-modding look like gay??

Just avoid hot pink t-molding and Hello Kitty! artwork, and you’ll be right as rain.