T.O cvs2/ST/mvsc2 tourney results, 11/15/03

T.O Metro mvsc2/cvs2/St results 11/15/03
after the long day of battling the tourney is finally over… here’re the results:
1st-Eric Liu (JS Master) -default, team DRAGON, rowtron
2nd-Bryan Simard (Jiggabry) -rowtron, scrub, matrix
3rd-jason (gerjay) -matrix, santhrax
4th-Ken lee (Omni dragon)
5th-Dennis wong
5th-James (crazy penguin)
7th-Matt Machula (exmatt)
7th-Roger williams (R1beatdown)
9th-Jon (The crow)
9th-Kevin (Dogberry)
9th-Chris (Danmaster)

-first 2 rounds of the tournament, me, dennis, and OMNI DRAGON were knocked into losers by gerjay and bry
-then ppl actually thought sauga’s gonna win the tournament
-then Me being a BEAST had to come back from losers and beat dennis
-then Omni dragon (this is sauga cuz controllers are shit)
-then gerjay, since he like to block so much so i picked team dragon
-then i play bry in the finals, this time determined to beat him, and the button started not working 100%. so we decided to split the money, but played the first set to see who’ll take the 1st place heading and apex points, then OBviously i coudln’t let T.O down, and beat him.

1st- Eric Liu (js master) -mirror match for first few rounds, A-chun, vega/cammy, bison
2nd- Roger williams (r1beatdown) c-honda/guile, cammy, sagat, a-eagle, blanka, bison
3rd- Jason ma C-bison, cammy, chunli A-vega, iori, chun
4th- Dennis Wong
5th- Tony Raul Yuseef Antonio Tanzier :eek: :eek: :eek:
5th- Matt Machula (Ex matt) :eek: :eek: :eek:
7th- Kin Mah (Kymah)
7th- Bryan Simard (jiggabry)
9th- Ian D (Kid dynamite) :eek:
9th- Stephen (darkdragon) :slight_smile:
9th- Yuhin
9th- Gerjay
13th-Kevin (dogberry)
13th-Justin Baisden (nagata lock)
17th-Jon (the crow)
17th-Byron (ultimate rugal)
17th-Jason (noodle man)

-Ian losst to dennis wong then to EXMATT!!! :eek:
-Tony and exmatt both came in 5th place!!!
-I beat Jason Ma TWICE in ONE tourney, damn revenge is sweet!
-wow i can’t believe how good mr-errrr machula is
-great tourney ppl, i see lotsa improvement in saugans, ie gerjay’s RCs and paints.
-finals took hella long, all counter characters and shit… then i found the ultimate counter, VEGA :smiley:

ST results

1st- Kevin (dogberry)
2nd- Roger williams (r1beatdown)
3rd- Jason wong (noodle man)
4th- Ian D (arcade legend)
5th- Jason Marshall (gerjay)
5th- Justin baisden (Nagata lock)
7th- Antoine
7th- Kin mah (kymah)
9th- Eric Liu (JS Master)
9th- Byron (Ult rugal)
9th- Yuhin
9th- Chris (dan master)
13- Will (will)
13- James (crazy penguin)

-Nice tourney, GG to everyone whom i played.
damn antoine beat me in both 3s & ST, but i’m determined to practise ST, so hopefully i’ll come in top 3 n3xt time.
-oh and i beat bry in cvs2/3s/and mvsc2 hahaha :slight_smile:
-and thanx alot to dogberry and nagata lock and will for helping out running the tournies.

team dragon?

congrats roger, way to rep eagle:D

BH/Doom/CapCom aka team Dark Dragon

13 people couldnt stop you?!
Still good stuff New Hero.

iim shocked… at the improvment of raul / yussef/ tony/ tanzier/ antonio.

but no one still touches me in t4.

that was fun,did horrible but fun, first time to join a tourney. anyways what time did you guys finish i went downstairs to play some pc games for an hour or 2 and you guys were still playing

where was this tourney held? aka where is there ST in TO?

Metro Square, just a couple of blocks west of Pmall.


I’m trading Keith Primeau for Steve Yzerman.

this is trade #2 for me.

apparently stephen came in 9th instead of gordon cuz gordon gave him his place. :slight_smile:

Before JS likes to go around saying he’s winning i’d like to say the button broke in the 6th match in MvC2 and he had the “good side” when he won the final match. Also he came from losers so there was another set to go :slight_smile: BS way to end, but whatever.

Good tournament everyone ST was fun for sure haha blasted dogberry and his ryu rush punch bait outs. Gotta practice in marvel for sure and start using Cable to even things out haha. I won the winners finals in CVS2, but then… out came vega my ultimate weakness that characters presence alone screws up my game play haha… Later all

for the record, if the controlls were working and u actually finished the tourney…bry woulda won:cool:

but we made an agreement dat whoever won the first set would win the tourney, but split the money. and plus i used the bad side for all of the games except for the last 2, and i was winning 3-2 before we switched sides. And the button wasn’t working fully the whole day, becuz i remembered my assist coming out for no reason, and in casual play it automatically picked wolverine for me on my first game against bry.
but wutever, if u guys still think bry’s better than bet on him when i play him in the X-mas tourney.

and i’m not saying i won fair and square, becuz if the sticks were functioning properly i woulda lost to omni dragon way back in losers bracket.

You should never attach a name to such a crappy team like that.

That team is ass stinky

Why don’t you guys ever throw out some vids, i’d like to check out the marvel scene up there:)

I put a couple of the matches from Grand Finals on my digicam (not very good resolution unless the screen is 50% though) so if anyone can host them I’ll be happy to put them up. Same goes for the ST Grand Finals.

I’ll take that bet. I could use another notch on my bet streak agaisnst you. :evil:

Talk to me on AIM again sometime

Shadypoo2k3, or just ask Blazinflo for my aim. I can send you some matches if you want.

Anyways it was a great tourney. Big thanks to Eric for organizing it and people who helped out.

GerJay = The DragonSlayer!!

Kin has the best Yun in the world, way better then Ed Ma’s :wink:

who cares?
some ppl have fun using characters other than magz and the other top 3 u know.

p.s. I need a copy of 3s!!

yah but no doubt that team is ass smelly rotten. word mike i feel ya on this one.