T.O. GGXX/3S/MBAC Console Tournament [April 7]

This is a console tournament hosted at a private venue.

Date: Saturday April 7

150 Alton Towers Circle. (located south of Steeles/McCowan)
Toronto, Ontario.
This is being held at K2’s condo, in the building’s party room located on the main floor. (see Note 1)
If you need directions, just ask.

Games: (see Note 2)
GGXX:Slash [2 man TEAMS], $10 per team registration, 70/20/10 split
SF3S, $3 registration, 80/20 split
MB:AC, $3 registration, 80/20 split

All games will be double elimination.
2/3 normal match
3/5 semi-finals
4/7 finals

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm = casuals
5:00 pm = GGXX and 3S begin
6:00 pm = MBAC begins

Please arrive at 3pm sharp. The gathering will last until 11pm, the room closes at that time.

NOTE1: Since this is a private host, you are expected to behave maturely. Do not mess around with the furniture. Nobody will leave until the room is clean. If any damage is done to anything in the room, you are responsible for paying for the repair/replacement. If something does break and the cause is ambiguous, everyone will pitch in for replacements.

NOTE2: This is a public event, but because we are using a private host, space is limited. The primary event is GGXX, so GG players will have priority.

Other notes:

  • There is a 25 person limit, please post here if you are confirmed to attend.
  • There are plenty of restaurants across the street to fill yourself.
  • Pad players, the only macro allowed is a frc/rc button for GGXX.
  • You may bring your own sticks, but we will have a few provided.
  • If you bring food/drinks to the room, please clean up after yourself before you leave.

Confirmed list of players:

  1. K2
  2. X-Sapphire
  3. Pui
  4. Fil
  5. Tim
  6. Sinclair
  7. ForestBlazer
  8. YellowS4
  9. Anthony
  10. JS Master
  11. DarkDragon
  12. Dice01
  13. Samir
  14. Cheatah
  15. Evil
  16. Tofu
  17. Badguy00
  18. GaijinBlaze
  19. Dawnbringer
  20. Phastestpig
  21. Ruby
  22. DarkGiygas
  23. Kellfire
  24. Nameless
  25. Psychochronic

Please post here to reserve your spot.

frc/rc button ftw

I hope i can come

o shit im in
gonna be late for 3s seed me in late
after mat

ps nazir doesnt support the scene.

free money from cyrus!

I’ll see if me and Forest Blazer can make this.

Might end up going with P-chron. Still very up in the air.

Ok it’s good people are interested, but I’m not putting people on the list until you can tell me that you are 100% confirmed to attend. There is a limit so we can’t have too many people, and we can’t have people say they will come but bail out, resulting in low attendance. Hopefully as we close in on the date I can get confirmed responses.

Hope you understand. :sweat:

Definitely count me in.

Yeah, that’s no problem.

We need to talk to see if other G3’s are interested.

Hm, 5 minutes away. I suck at 3S and don’t play the other games, though.

No macros. I’m in.

Like I’m in Pui’s mom.

lol free 3s money
i’m in for sure

yeah i’d like to see all the G3 ggxx players out for this one, it’s going to be fun.

wtf why 3S, that game is shit, change it to A3 kthx.

count me in.
KY-ant for the name
100% sure

YES can we please have A3 as well?

GGXX/, 3S and MB are going to remain as the set tournament games.

We’ll only have 2 stations setup like last time, so if people want tournaments for other games like A3, it really depends on whether we have time left.

Please record the MB stuff.


me and Samir are 100% in !!!