T.O oct 18th 3s/cvs2 tourney results!

After a whole day of battling, the tournament is finally done!
First of all, i have to apologize for starting the tournament 2 hours late, next time i’ll be
more prepared.
Second of all, thanx alot to Antoine, herny, Nagata Lock II for helping running the tournament and
set up the brackets.

here’re the results:
1)Ben (Nech Neb) -Urien
2)Antoine (Aneurysm X) -Urien, dudley
3)Marvin Li (C Royd) -lotsa chars
4)Will willis (Will) -Chunli, makoto, ken
5)Eric Liu (JS Master) -Chun
5)Adam -Ryu, ken
7)Ian D (Kid Dynamite)
7)Dennis Wong
9)Nassim (artic ninja)
9)Roger Williams
9)Faisal (vrus)
13)Marwa (chacha man)
13)Pete (sauvastika)
13)Justin Baisden (Nagata lock II)
13)Herny :slight_smile:

1)JS A-Chun, sak, bison AND SECRET WEAPON C-vega, Chun, sagat :slight_smile:
2)Roger A-rolento/eagle, blanka, bison K-Cammy/eagle, blanka, sagat
3)Ian K-CBS, rugal, Bison
4)Dennis Kim (Shadowfighta) A-Sakura, blanka, bison
5)Byron (Ultimate Rugal) K-Rugal, sagat, blanka
5)Pete k-geese, hibiki, yamazaki, N-R4 Kim!
7)Dennis wong
7)Tony Raul Yuseef Antonio Tanzier (LSD)
9)Marvin Li
9)Jason (Noodle man)
13)Nagata lock II

Stuff happend:
-REAL bad day for Nagata lock
-Dennis fucking kim came in 4th place?!?!?!?! (i still ocved him :slight_smile: )
-Jack is back!
-Marvin landing countless HOP SUPERS
-Urien is cheap, Makoto is cheap, dudley is cheap, and so’s whom ever with weird attacks
-Ian beating roger in winners bracket!
-Beating Mohammed WITHOUT psylocke!

Ne wayz, GG to everyone i played today… and congrats to Nech Neb for winnig 3s. Hope to
see u all in the next tourney!

PS. sooooo sorry about having no mvsc2 tourney, but there is just not enuff ppl

Kurt what happend? Dont swet it though, cause you made me money with the “throwing violence”.

I lost 25 cents :frowning:
Fuckin curt.

Curt got mother fucking owned
He pulled a nassim and got dead last in all tournies :lol:

I like how karma works :slight_smile:

That’s an understatement to say the least. I knew I was going to get either last or 2nd last in 3S but CvS2 was another story. To be honest, I really underestimated Dennis Wong. After beating him at the last METRO tournament and doing everything possible to throw away a perfectly good lead at the ORBIT tournament, I figured he was going to be easy pickings. Then he brings this whole new arsenal and I get shredded. Ah well… live and learn.

Sorry I was late Eric but there was far too much stuff going on today with buying my car and getting my finances together. Next tournament I’ll be on time and hopefully redeem my poor performance.

What the heck is C.U.R.T?

and ya I used Dud, Urien, Chun, Oro, Makoto.

crossup roll throw. it’s liek roll super, but even scrubbier.

Geese; I haven’t seen you since T3 and you’ve never seen the C.U.R.T. System before. How are you able to call it scrubby?

BTW, when is a good weekend for London players to take on Brampton?

i’ll take on brampton by myself. take a look at my avatar. try to see the humor in my comment…plz.

if i had been blazed, and in TO, i woulda smacked y’all

Bring it, brampton will make you eat your words! :smiley:

we’ll eat u guys instead of words.


My name is Demon Mike B, and I run the tournaments @ University Pinball, in philadelphia. I have been to your city before and I loved it. the fighters are good, the women are hot, and the arcades are plentiful. That is why I would like to humbly ask for the best fighters of Canada to come battle in philadelphia. We have tournaments in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Tekken Tag, Soul Caliber 2, and alpha 3. If you need loadging this can be provided for $5.00 per night.
The tournaments are held every Saturday at 6:00pm, entry fee is $8.00, prize will be $75.00 for first, $25.00 for second.
Thankyou for your time, and keep youre self posted at the “Announce an Event” section of Shoryuken.com
Demon Mike B.


EVERY saturday?!? hmmm interesting, maybe i’ll come down sumtimes…


It’s an interesting proposition and it’d be great to play all the top tier guys you always see on DVD’s (I’ve got to meet Bryheem because that man is too funny). Sadly getting to Philly is another story. While I’m sure many are willing to go, arranging transportation for a non-major tournament might be a little too much to ask. Down the road I’m sure we’ll make our way to Philly though. NEC4 may have been a great opportunity if it wasn’t held on console (just personal bias, no disrespect to the large task Eric is undertaking).