T.O.'s 1sr #R (CT)

This was our 1st #r tourny and it was pretty good regardless of the low turnout. Pad players from nowhere came up and owned it hard…We just have to hope orbit gets #r

1st Alex “1st time playing #r johnny” rock2k2 (johnny)
2nd Boa “winning with low tier ky” (ky)
3rd k-tru “why the hell is may still good” -k2- (may/sol)
4th Tony “who the hell is this guy” (sol/anji)
5th Anthony “winning with low tier ky part2” (ky)
5th Justin “theres nothing wrong with slayer :rolleyes:” (slayer)
7th Stephen “why did they take away my baiken sweep?” darkdragon
7th x-sapphire “chipp gets no love” (chipp/millia)
9th Pui “the hell happened?” (anji/ky)
9th Franz “Not to shabby 1st time around” b4k4 (faust)
11th Mike “why isn’t sol dust looping” (sol)

Shout outs go to K2 for booking the video room, franz for bringing the extra tv, alex for brining the camcorder, and everyone else for bringing extra ps2s, sticks and actually showing up.

Good games, thnx to everyone who was able to bring stuff, our first console tourney and #R tourney was a success.

…eric pussied out, once again. congrats on pussying out eric :clap:

the hell happened? indeed =
random HK people who use Pads come outta nowhere and 80% dust loop me
unbelievable =
oh well, todays my first time beating Jay’s pot in GGXX in a casual with my anji… im proud lol… unless he was sandbagging me =(
and no X-sap
ur not leaving us lol
Tony is the slayer and Justin was the Sol/Anji

at first i wanted to join…
but after i owend up everyone in casual, i saw no competition, so i went home instead…

i’ll accept money matches tho

These look like bizarro world results with Stephen on the bottom and people I’ve never heard of on top.

wow, i still won. lol

Everyone was telling me that johnny would be much harder to use, but i recently learned the frc combos, so i didn’t find it too hard to combo. In fact i wasn’t even using his combos in full potential since its even easier for him to connect after the sword without RC. But i could certainly feel normals not being as good.
frced 6k is cheaper LOL

Yeah, u guys might not see me at orbit for a while due to me starting university. I might still show for the next tourney, I dunno for sure. Also don’t expect me to get any better at #R. My only practice was right b4 the tourney with the 1-2 casual. I don’t have #R and neither does orbit. Right now i don’t want to invest in a modding the ps2 etc and spending too much time with that. If i find free time, i may get into that. It would be nice to have T.O. improve in #R just like we did with xx between T4 and T5.

Keep spreading the gospel of #R Johnny, Alex.