T-Shirt ideas, please


My dad just got himself one of those machines that melt prints onto t-shirts, and I want me some ideas what to put on them.

Currently, I’ve got this done:

which looks a bit shabby, but it’s a first try-thing so I just grabbed one of the ideas I had and threw it together. My second design is of an Abel-BnB put into text. But I need to get myself more colours to work with.

Any thoughts on what to put on a shirt?


Oh dude my grandpa dose stuff like this, if you need some advice just ask me. Anyway I think that there should be some shirts that say stuff like: SHORYUKEN, HEAVEN OR HELL LETS ROCK!!!, Can Any Body Stop This Fighting Machine?, COMBO BREAKER!!!, and FINISH HIM!!!.


what… have I done?


… Eh?