T-Shirt Logo Request ($100 bounty!)

I’m looking for a logo for a t-shirt company I’m starting with my friend and wanted to tap into SRK’s talent before I ventured elsewhere. If anyone wants to submit their concepts in this thread, please feel free. If we decide to use your design we’ll pay you $100.

The concept for the logo is “higher learning.”

What we’re imagining right now is a brain with wings, with the letters HL above/below the brain in a creative font.

As I stated before, if you’d like to take a shot at this I’d greatly appreciate it. If you have other ideas for our “higher learning” concept, please feel free to submit them here as well.

Thanks in advance.

i can do this.

I know you wont use this…but to get you started


Ms paint ^^

Thanks, I’ll be waiting.

LOL, creative.:tup:

yeee i wanna see some clothing yall have ill try a lil sumthin on this

ill give this a shot. is there a deadline?

I’m looking to have something within the next 7 days or so.

I have an idea for a shirt though…Mario shirt with a red mushroom says…“natural male enhancement” @co.

ok. ill try to have some sketches by monday. but do you want it vectorized?

Yes, plz.

any color restrictions ?

you’ll be getting my submission soon. btw, i like your ‘pump up the volume’


Lol, it’s actually not mine. Cool Kids are just a group that I’m really feelin’ right now.


jus a lil lookie


not to ruin the party or anything, but contests like this are kind of a slap in the face. would you hold a contest for someone to do your taxes and only pay the accountant that you liked the most?

Honestly, SRK has some pretty talented artists and I just want their creative input. Regardless of whether or not I choose to use an SRK members art, I will still in some way, shape, or form be inspired by what they’ve brought to the table.

Any specific size you want?

what kind of t-shirt company??? if this is seirous business, i’d ike to know what the logo with represent.

street wear?

am i correct shinryukev?