T.T.F.'s Greatest UMvC3 2v2 Ever Held in SD Results/ Shout Outs- San Diego, CA.- 8/ 31


**WL Sweaty Palms-**WL Crisco/ WL OMG3rald
tweedle dee and tweedle dum- MR. CERTIFIED/ SDT Kankuro
LS $w@g worldwide relo@ded- CHAD!!!/ watts
**WL Genghis- **bonfire/ WL uncle matt
**Team Rocket- **ttf Dios-X/ lmc combusted
**2BE cum 1 aka R.I.P. skoot- **pimpbot9000/ toki
T.T.F. Lot of Law Breakers- ttf T.G. Cid/ ttf unprotectedSEX
Ranbat Kingpins- Maximus/ DJMasters

1 2BE cum 1 aka R.I.P. skoot
2 WL Sweaty Palms
3 Team Rocket
4 tweedle dee and tweedle dum
5 WL Genghis
5 Ranbat Kingpins
7 T.T.F. Lot of Law Breakers
7 LS $w@g worldwide relo@ded

Winners Finals:
2BE cum 1 aka R.I.P. skoot vs WL Sweaty Palms- (2-0)

Losers Finals:
Team Rocket vs WL Sweaty Palms- (1-2)

Grand Finals:
2BE cum 1 aka R.I.P. skoot vs WL Sweaty Palms- (2-1 no reset)


San Diego, When and Where will you play? Vol.III

shout outs to all who came out to play and spectate casuals/tourney
the team tourney was beast as in 8 teams of 2 and each team was dangerous as fuck

good shit to toki and pimpbot for winning, played hella solid
also to the WL crew for getting 2nd and combusted/dios for a close 3rd

im not gonna lie every match was intense all going 1-1 and down to the wire

good shit to all who always come thru with set ups
shit was ridiculous
fkn Bushido blade and shit going down

i can type an essay about tonights events but you guys go head
see you all evo ranbats next week!!!


Awesome tournament last night. Was a great event, like usual.


rip skoot