T.T.F.'s SF4 RanBat 1.3- San Diego, CA.- 5/8/09


The 3rd Installment of SD’s RanBats

The 8th of May, FRIDAY!
Sign up will be at 7:30pm
Start up around 8:00pm

The Dojo of unprotectedSEX
6532 Hyman Pl.
San Diego CA 92139

The Breakdown
Entree Fee: $6.00
$5.00 the pot, $1.00 to T.T.F
1st-70% 2nd- 20% 3rd-10%

Tournament Structure:
2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games
Grand Finals 3/5
Double Elimination
99 Seconds
No Handicap

If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.

1st. 8 points
2nd. 7 points
3rd. 6 points
4th. 5 points
5th. 3 points
7th 1 points

The Roster

  1. RoDcHaN
  2. DOODS
  3. GCsupra
  4. Dunkindoanuts
  5. Shin_viro
  6. Poeticflow
  7. laceysan
  8. SESD
  9. Geovski
  10. n3m0n1c
    11 Phenomehong
  11. Dios <-X->
  12. kidkai
  13. PJ Styles
  14. Repulse
  15. Calm Warrior
  16. Viscant
  17. fernando’s nuts
  18. marco_m
  19. phestik
  20. little lives
  21. F1

Just post if you want in.

Hope you guys can make it

Need tvs and systems


Count me in…Ranbat!


sign me up


i’m down. sign me up


sign me up please. :slight_smile:

i can bring like a… 14 Inch TV, is that good enough?

PM me if you want me to bring it.


how long do these usually last from start to finish? i’d love to go especially cause its only 6.4 miles away, but i have a soccer game at 10.30 that night. let me know i’d love to go to this.


Sign me up i’ll ask my buddy if i can use his PS3.



now that im used to the stick now.


^so THATS where you’ve been hiding! i’m in, bet it!


sign me up!!


aye im down but i play on xbox 360 and on stick so what do i do if yall are playin on ps3?



CAN I SAY “IN”??? HaHa Yes I can!!!


Sign me up cody and for the guy who plays soccer it lasts longer then that if you win :slight_smile: where do you ball at anyway???

and for the mixed up master if there isnt an xbox set up a bunch of people have te sticks or you could use my se modded stick it dont matter everyone is chill.


Sign me up.


im down.


count me in.i live like 15 min from their


sign me up for the ranbat as PJ Styles.


Marvel side tournament, who’s down?


Sign me up!


thought u were my co-worker for a sec, he goes by that name on XBL i think in HDR.