T.T.F.'s SF4 RanBat 2.2- San Diego, CA.- 10/09 Results and Shout Outs


This ranbat was one of the few with less people playing x_x
but still was fun!

1 Ken I
2 yeb
3 viscant
4 NeRemixed
5 Pat Monster
5 jeremy chance
7 calm warrior
7 oceansideDOODS

9 KSexy
9 unprotextedSX
9 n3m0n1c
13 F1
13 Little Lives
13 B Bastos
13 corneliuscack
17 pimpbot9000
17 kaiten619
17 AlexMan
17 BJ Len
17 chuck

will update website with full results and points!

thanks for coming out


I did that once. . . oh wait there were 270 people entered not 17. GG fr33man.


count me in for the next one, for sure. i want some poooints!


Was a great time, thanks for putting this on !


Yeb’s slapchop combo gives me nightmares and an erection at the same time… how is that possible???


yea tekken 6!
2 more weeks :smiley:


Anyone try out the new SF4 pseudo-arcade machine at Mission Valley yet?

I gave it a whirl today, and it’s 2 minutes per quarter, but it’s technically an Xbox with an arcade panel on it. You need to spend like, a quarter just to fix your controls for a minute, and two more for the actual match. At least it’s two players for the price of one, but all unlockable characters aren’t there. :looney:



wow thats lame


Forgot to mention these:

-there’s a USB port for each player, so you can plug in your XBOX stick or pad (Haha what the fuck?) if you want. No chairs though.

-When your time runs out, if you don’t throw in a quarter in 3 seconds, machine auto goes to the dashboard and then if you want to play again your gotta spend for time fixing controls, it doesn’t help that fucking default DOES NOT WORK OUT WITH THE LAYOUT they have on there.

-The start buttons are waaaay too close to P2’s stick and P1’s buttons. I cannot count how many times I watched a bunch of scrubbies play and have the start menu pop up in one match. That shit costs you time.

-Not to mention the load times and win animations (especially for winning a match) cost you fucking time too. Time based machine = retarded.



that sounds all kinds of fail.


Now that I’ve come to grow a liking to deci I must ask , WTF is your avatar???


uhhh, wtf happened to alex…? 17th?