T.T.F.'s SF4 RanBat 2.2- San Diego, CA.- 10/0909

still waiting! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to show up to this.

i’d say having a pc setup is kinda iffy because unlike a console you have to setup and test if shit works per joystick like exiting the game and checking the game controllers section etc etc…

if you want to bring it for casuals during the tourney im sure no one would complain but otherwise normal ps3 setups are probably the best thing.

I’m so there. :cool:

Long Time no see SD scene.


dude whats the address

its the same place as paradise hills showdown was…i remember you from there so totally show up

i just got off of work and sending out the address’

lol, as we were leaving, anyone see that Helicopter in the sky? Apparently, some people were being busted down the street; 5-0 was there, and there were people on the ground with hands on their heads. Crazy.


ggs everyone, had a good time!