T.T.F.'s SSFIV 3v3 Team Tourney- San Diego, CA- 6/11 Results & Shout Outs


19 teams came out for T.T.F.'s SSFIV 3v3 Team Tourney but only 1 came out the winner

Top 8
1: Black Money- Mike Ross/ keno/ Mike Watson
2: I Was Like Ughhh- Gootecks/ online tony/ shizza
3: Yum Yum Hunters- Fuson/ Tatsu/ Moval
4: The Legend Continues- BEEFCAKE/ ShadyK/ Ghengis
5: Go Fuck Yourself- OGB/ Suphreme/ marco_m
5: 20 Ballz- andyOCR/ Vicious/ Hadouken!
7: We Body n3m0- Viscant/ MR. CERTIFIED/ Steinmania
7: Nice Jacket *******- n3m0n1c/ AlexMan/ yeb

Honorable Mentions
9: we punch tvs
9: ComJetLok
9: Jambuki on Scene
9: Team All Day

The Rest
13: Team Titans
13: ya wassup mutha fuk
13: Soo Young Soo fine
13: Gamma Green
17: 2 girls and a black guy
17: Hello Kitty ft. n8 dawg
17: Black Man


First off I would like to thank all of the players who made it out to T.T.F. making it another great night with good matches all around.
I would like to apologize for some of the stuff that went down later the night, but like 1 out of 5 T.T.F. some unnecessary shit happens, but the tourney most go on.

I wanna thank all the SoCal players for driving down to SD and making it a fun challenging night. Always a pleasure hosting you guys.

Big ups to MarkMan of MadCatz for hooking it up for prizes for 1st place.

always good seeing the people of team yum yum, black money, and 20 ballz
nice meeting shizza, onlinetony, and a few others.
thanks cami for the food and the good times
ill move that wind chime next time.

sd we need to step it up cant have top 4 socal, long can only do so much!!!
and again big ups for you guys the player making ttf what it is

I found some car keys and someone left a backpack (sam i think its yours)


If it has Twilight books in it it probably is.




@Cody: Thanks for hosting again, I always have a good time and Tee Tee Eff never seems to disappoint.

@SoCal: Thanks for stopping by and giving more competition to the SD scene. Tho, I didn’t get a chance to play any of the SoCal teams, it’s always fun to watch some high level play. I hope yall got home safe we hope to see you guys again sometime.

@gofuckyourself: Marco, Thanks for the last min pickup for the team it was fun and Peter your Guy was fun to watch and really impressive. GG’s.

GG’s to everyone I played at tourny & casuals.


THOSE CAR KEYS ARE KENO’S!!! we drove 2+ hours back to LA only to realize keno left his keys!


warren im’d me about it a while ago. i got them
just tell me the plan to get them back. i will be in the ai area next saturday if keno can wait. but if he wants them asap let me know


Denny’s was awesome after, Fuson corrupted me with “yum yum” syndrome.
Good times, why you so clutch Mike!?!


Thanks for running a great event - would’ve stayed longer but one of my teammates had to get home ASAP.

A writeup - brief because I didn’t stay long enough :frowning:


I’m going up to LA tomorrow (Sunday), Cody if you can give me the keys I can get it to him since I’ll be in LA all week for E3.


Thank you guys for finding my keys!!! MarkMan let me know when you are in town and I will gladly pick them up. Im “trying” to get into E3 so I might just see you there.


Shout outs to:

@Cody: Once again, Thanks for hosting another excellent event.

@SD: I’m just reiterating what Cody said: “Lets not rely on Long to win for SD” But good show regardless fellas.

@Keno: Thanks for the Balrog tips, the plink between st.LP -> c.HK is so much easier nowwww

@gootecks: I still want that Rose mirror :stuck_out_tongue: maybe we could get it in next time haha.

@SoCal: Nice seein you guys comin down again.(and for those whose first time out, hopefully its not the first)


it was good to see everyone from so cal and SD again.


Honorable mention, alright. Hopefully the 3v3s will always get this turnout.