T.T.F.'s StreetFighterIV 3v3 Team Tourney-San Diego, CA.-09/18/09-Results&ShoutOuts

1 Team Black Money- did i mention ken i did not play once…
2 Team White Credit
3 Team Nuoc Mam
4 Team Ghetttoo
5 Team nuts on yo tonsils/ Manila Sunset
5 Team y3bm0n1ci
7 Team Pimpin Mitchel’s Nuts
7 Team A Lazy Warriors Chance a.k.a Dem Two Niggas and Jeremy

9 Team D Pad
9 Team kanye interrupt
9 Team UMAD
9 Team purple thunder storm
13 Team w/out papers
13 Team Dark Mexican plus 2
13 Team box arena techs
13 Team we <3 hello kitty

First off i would like to thank the 5 teams from SoCal driving all the way down to join in the tourney. It is always a pleasure to kick it with you guys and get some games in.

Also to all the SD head for coming out, this tournament couldnt happen without you guys. Frank the fliers you left here or however did I’ll be sure to leave those at some places and pass them out at school

i had a fkn blast last night watching keno play gen and yeb cheering when keno did combos and beat ken had tears in my eyes
sanchez and Bebop shit talking and coaching is a whole different level reminds me of shawn merriman on the side lines amping up the chargers

tatsu fuck your vega… shit is a beast

i honestly wanna thank my 2 team mates alex and lagade i fell like dead weight most of the time i play with you guys and cant even land the fkn target combo>ultra

Next event is either the Level Your Game Up Tournament or the RanBat

But most likely will be taking a break this Friday.

Damn Black Money and White Credit, cash only!!! :rofl:

I guess we found out which form of paymentz is superiorz. lolz :slight_smile:

shout outs to ken i for not having to play a single tourney match. and to all the la/oc people who drove down to provide the competition and excitement for STREET FIYTAH FO SON GET HYPEEEEEEEEE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

fucking ken i is undefeated when he comes to cody’s house. its RIDICULOUS!

I beat Ken I in a dream at ttf.

Highlights for me were finally beating chris in a tourny beating alex for the second time , checking the fuck out of a drunk guy , winning 5 bucks on calm warrior (but losing it back T_T), and walking outside to a group of rriends and stina asking me “if you could suck your own d1ck would you or would you just masturbate bate” after quickly saying no andre says yeah that would take too much effort then he trys to show us how it would look and then fail :(.

:rofl: Part of the reason I was clapping was because he was having trouble with the waterfall kick, and I was hoping if I clapped to the timing it would help. Watching him do a double FADC combo was just awesome, no matter how bad the scaling is.

I actually felt the highlight of the tourney for me though was getting destroyed by Warahk. It wasn’t demoralizing, it just confirmed a number of fears I already had about that matchup being played properly. This tourney had a disproportionate amount of Guile beasting.

GGs to everyone, and props to all the socal players that came down. You guys are always awesome, wish I was able to play against you more.

Also, who was shouting early on about LL? I wanted to speak to them, but I was in the middle of a match and totally forgot by the time it was over.

Big thanks to Cody for hosting! You sir, are a gentleman AND a scholar. :lovin:

Thank you Sanchez (Luis Mendoza) and Dustin (White Credit Mascot) for being beastly. White Credit shall return!

Good shit to Black Money for bringing home the bacon. I thought it would be all downhill after the whole Kanye thing, but you guys pulled through! Good shit!

Thanks to Christian for a really awesome and entertaining match. Sorry for cheesing you, but I guess forcing me to pick a counter I didn’t understand (and later had to pay for) was a fair enough trade off. I think we’re the best 2 players who don’t own this game! :clapdos:

Jeremy, you now know why Dustin is the White Credit Mascot. :rofl: Also, you totally beat us.

Nemo, what can I say? You’re hands down the most crunk mofo on the SD scene. Thanks for letting me earn my money back! You’re too kind… and those glasses? DAAAAAAAAAYUUUUUUUUM!

Great tournament, and thanks again for having us. Catch y’all on the flip tip!

ken i’s Dan is fucking godlike status

the future is now

thanks to Call2Arms and The Dumadagger for teaming up with me.

GGS to Team Black Money. I learned alot of what i am really capable of. I’m gonna be totally honest i was hella nervous facing you guys at first round. but it was a really good match.

GGS to Valerie, Lina, and Stina. Stina you really improved the last time we battle. Lina ur blanka is getting better and better. Valerie you were reading my tactics very well.

Thanks cody for hosting, i might comeback to TTF on a regular basis again:tup:

Overall good tournament and hoping for more

LL? Me and Chrocket were yelling about LL.

DUDE ARE YOU YEBLOS? You’re LL account is more OG than mine.

LL: Are you THE yeb?

Yeah, I’m not exactly active over there though. It was just a surprise to hear people talking about it.

Note: yeb is the default, all variations stem from sites/games that don’t allow 3 letter names. :frowning:

gg guys.

LA thanks for coming down. you guys are too beast and hella fun to be around.
sanchez and bebop yelling during my matches made me drop combos cause i was laughing lol.
(seriously at one point i thought i heard luka back there too, it was weird. one of you guys does a mean luka impersonation.)

hope i get to play with you all more.

why is LA guile so top tier? i know other people were complaining about watching guile vs guile but i love watching good guiles play.
good shit!


dan > rufus yo

ggs everybody.

I suck, I need to practice. Sorry for letting my team mates down.

Nice glasses Nemo, and that hat.

i agree with this statement 120%.

Passes by McDonalds
how bout some mickey deez Dustin?
I’d actually prefer jack in the box now…


and as for our match…
ughhhh. ask UTJ and Combojack how quiet i was on the way home. lol
im still glad that it was you guys that defeated us tho. Hope to see you again soon sir.

Cody- i always have the most fun at your tournaments for some reason. i love the house of unprotected sex!!! lol
Nemo- F**k your joystick son! lol im currently working on my kb24 stick bwahaha. always a pleasure kickin it wit ya in person tho.
yeb- wash your shirt please thanks. you know exactly what i mean lol.

thanks for having the AI crew at your sf4 scene, you guys are the shit. sorry if i missed any other names like doods or pimpbot. theres just too many dope people!

until next time!

sup ho’s.


the end.


^ lolz great summary, short and sweet. I wanted nuoc mam to win though. ._.

?(??? ) + Q(???Q) + 3(???3) = ^_^b

Nice time.

I enjoyed the casual play. Playing Jack made me beef up gouken more. One/two fram links in the corner now that take 400 + damage no meter needed. You caused me to evolve in one night. I think i was playing moval. Just as a word of advice, cross ups rearly work on gouken because his counter hits both ways so the kick you were doing was not safe. All though i must admit it was ambigious as hell.

hope to see you guys soon.

Jak- Domo arigato gozai mas- Shoulder feels alot better.